Friday, July 4, 2014

Well Hello July!!

May and June were just a blur! 
How can it possibly be July already?!

        ( my drafting table back in its place. The power tools need to find their home so I can create!)

Our flood repairs are complete and all I have left is
Painting trim work and doors.
I'm loving the flooring we chose for my sons room.
It's actually linoleum.
It's sold in " planks" and has an adhesive.
Cuts with a razor blade for easy installation.
( water resistant and flexible. Both are must have )

My oldest daughter is now engaged!
She and her fiancé spent last week with us.
The best thing we did was sit down that first evening
Make a " to do list".
The only thing that didn't get done was a girls day with friends.
They had company visiting so it just wasn't good timing.
I call that a huge success!

I created my first word art using a photo from our day at the beach.
If you knew how much Lil G dislikes the beach,
This word art speaks volumes.
We have decided we HAVE to get her out to the beach at the very least once a week
This trip she actually asked to go back into the water.
I cannot express what a huge step this is for her. 

I've been so so busy
I hope your summer has been productive and 
Most importantly

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