Thursday, December 4, 2008

Blessings raining down on us!

Okay, so last week wasnt very fun. I stayed optomistic and felt like we must be doing something right for things to go so wrong. My son found out that he missed his student loan deadline. I was sitting there with him and didnt know there was a deadline! But there it was on the paper he signed. So we would have to pay off that short term loan before we could get a stafford loan and apply for classes. Then he was in an accident and wrecked my car and a huge deducatable!
So, Yesterday he came home with word that he recieved a scholarship to cover last semester and this next semester!!! YEA! Im so proud of him, it really is hard for teenagers to decide what they want to be/ do!
Things are going great on the adoption front. Met with the director from the adoption agency and things went well. We are trying to decide how to do the fundraising and get the mound of paperwork done to bring her home! A friend e-mailed me that she had 35,00 frequent flyer miles geting ready to expire and Ive heard that may be enough to buy 1 round trip ticket to Ecuador! So I guess we are going! Ha ha! Quito or bust!

Friday, November 21, 2008

picture of a painting

So this is what I painted to put on the cover of our adoption card. My mother is an artist and found book she thought would be helpful in painting faces. I tried the artists techniques on a little scrap of illustration board and it was so much fun. I cant wait to get over to hobby Lobby and get a sheet to work on the painting for Mama Yolis house. Just been homeschooling, working on adoption paperwork, knitting Christmas gifts and going to Bible study/church. ( plus cooking, cleaning, laundry and other fun stuff!)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Little Zoey

If you happen to be passing by I just read that a little friend has been diagnosed with Leukemia. I have gotten to know the family though Heathers blog so if youd like- go take a peek.
What a difference a week makes.
Be strong little one.

heres a beautiful quote for the day:

Human things must be known to be loved;

But Divine things must be loved to be known

Blaise Pascal

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Dumplings anyone?

Okay, so maybe blogging isnt my calling. But I sure have been enjoying whats been on my needles. This is an overview of Octobers Projects.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


"The Births of all things are weak and tender, and therefore we should have our eyes intent on beginnings." Montaigne

Ive been enjoying finding little inspirational quotes for the day. This one really is beautiful.
Please pray for us, we are considering starting the paperwork to adopt the most beautiful little girl from an Orphanage far away. It is a huge leap of faith.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My painting is done!

I have been working on a commission piece for 6-8 months and Im done. It turned out nicely and I am glad Julie is pleased. I have also been knitting a wedding gift and have that done. The wedding was in Tallahassee on Saturday Oct. 4th and was so beautiful. It was outdoors and the weather was perfect. The bride and groom are so in love and happy. A joy to be there. I loved the lights, the moon in the sky, great music, great food, wine, and watching the family and friends laugh and talk. I hated to leave. But all good things must come to an end. Paul and I enjoyed staying over just the two of us and drove home the next day.

Friday, September 12, 2008


It seems that things are always changing.The seasons bring anticipation of change. I am looking forward to Fall with its cooler breezes and family traditions and ready to get past the summer heat and threat of hurricanes.

We grow older, hopefully wiser, and watch those around us doing the same thing. Our families are changing in size and shape. Babies being born, the joy of new life, schooling and hobbies, teenagers learning to drive, graduation, college, marriages, (Yes already a married daughter!) Hurricanes and other natural disasters, Aging and health problems.........And death. Sometimes these changes can take your breath away. If you aren't careful they just sneak up on you! I have experienced the good and the bad just like everyone walking and breathing on this planet. But how will I survive all this change. By changing- remaining balanced. I must take care of my whole self. We have Physical, Emotional and Spiritual parts that must be cared for to remain healthy. As everything around me is constantly must I. Now where to begin?