Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Advent and Christmas

As you probably understood in my Thanks giving and Advent post,
we were out of town for Thanksgiving and came home late Sunday night,
up to start a new work week on Monday morning
So, my house is not decorated.
I have a routine,Saturday following Thanksgiving
shop for a tree,
de -clutter before setting the Nativity collection out
(much of the other decor gets packed away in the Christmas boxes)
move furniture before setting up the tree.
Instead, you see piles of papers, suitcases gaping open as I relieve them of the contents
laundry running,
boxes to go to storage still by the front door
you get the picture.

We needed milk and a few odds and ends so I stopped by the store
it rattled me, The countdown has begun........
I dont watch much tv
but when it came on last night
my senses were assaulted with things we ALL need and should have
to make it the "Perfect Christmas"
(the worst are the Audi commercials- REALLY?!Seriously?!)
The world is trying so hard to soothe the aches and pains of "real life"
gadgets and gizmos that will fill the holes
like retail therapy will fix it,

when really
what we are all searching for
cant be wrapped up all nice and pretty
tied with a bow.
We cannot put God in a box.

The prophets were looking for him
waiting for a King or a prince to wage war
instead he chose a different way.....
stop trying to put God in a box
wrapped with a pretty bow.
keep looking for him
mark some things off your list
to allow yourself time to keep waiting
and watching
it might look differently than you were expecting
it all started with grace........

Monday, November 28, 2011

On Thanks giving and Advent

I am sitting on my couch in my home
after a nights rest in my bed
the right amount of blankets in my flannel jammies
and the temp just like I like it.
Lil G is playing in her room with her toys
after eating her cereal in a zip top bag
while watching 2 Sesame Streets
and two cups of juice
(while I sipped my coffee, read my Bible, then checked blog land)
after sleeping in her bed with her soft sheets and just right blanket
new birthday doll tucked in beside her.

adorable photo here)

As I savor it all
the Thankful or FULL-of-thanks
for the routine
no more yelling "NOOO!"
because it all felt so wrong.
she was able to do it
(whereas I could not)
the deep yearning for it to all be right
even in the wrong.
How being without
makes us full-of-thanks for what is.
Changes in perspective,hearing just the right words to remind me
that even though what I expected,
no matter what the yearning deep in my soul
for all to be made right.
It just wont be,
not on this side of heaven.
not the trips we plan
and "happily ever afters" we are promised (by media and society)
because there will be forgotten cameras
and expectations that go unmet
(and ones that cannot be met)
and we are all human
no matter how much we love the Lord
or claim the cause of Christ......
our humanness continually reminding us of the need for grace.
leading into Advent.....
That is what the Prophets were begging for- Isiah 64:9
They were begging God to fix it
"dont you see whats going on all around us?"
(sickness, joblessness, orphans, disease,strife)
"Please come. Come fix it!"
They actually gave voice to it.
Yet, when he came it wasnt how they thought it would look
If Im not walking around with the correct perspective I just might miss it
I might be looking at all thats wrong
and not focusing on God-in-it-all.

Isnt this the CUTEST
birthday photo EVER!!!!)

I am full of thanks
family that understands-
that makes a home- made birthday cake
"just so"
hearing the "happy birthday song"
echoing off the walls
while lil G embraced the moment
and did her best to even sing along
unabashedly- because it was hers
and kept on trying to blow the candles out.
Each of us, internally wanting to help......
big brothers with fierce love hoping the next try would do it.
Family that could enjoy the grace filled moments
until it overflowed....

that I could hear her unspoken words through the screamed "NOO!"
(I was telling her about presents while she was eating her cake.)
She was happily eating,screaming no, and signing cake.
That night in bed it clicked.(it takes me awhile)
Maybe she was saying"let me savor the moment. "
"Stop talking about presents!"
This is the moment to savor the cake.
The cake with the rainbow.
that was made with me in mind.
I can eat it all by myself
and let it take as long as I need to savor each crumb.
not looking towards what is next.
savoring the now.

(One more time
Imagine this photo really
bringing tears to your eyes
cuz Lil G is just so adorable!)

Thanksgiving and Advent(the four weeks leading up to Christmas)
being thankful,
because in being human
it is all grace
and received.

Under His wings,

(maybe, just maybe tomorrow we will have some great cell phone pics
to go with another incredible post! wink wink)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ecuador Part 3 and yarn Along

This week I have been knitting on plain ole Stockinette squares -
I am knitting a blanket for my son and his Fiance for Christmas.
I wanted to knit them a Hemlock ring.

its one of the most beautiful things I have knit.
A little difficult, but as long as you use stitch markers
and keep track of your pattern it is worth it!
But as I considered it I wasnt sure if a round blanket would be snuggly enough,
plus one with holes in it.
(a peeve of mine- you get all snuggled up and a toe or something comes poking out of a hole.)
The second drawback was its made of wool,
has to be hand washed. I just worried about it standing the test of time......
it accidentally gets thrown in the wash -
you end up with a felted coaster that took months to make!
I had purchased the Cascade 220 to make a sweater for him
he grew and decide he wasnt the sweater wearing type.
I think it will be beautiful when I get it knit and felted.
(oldest daughter is helping)

What Ive been reading? "Reclaiming Lily" by Patti lacy.
All in all this was a good book. It was hard really getting into the rhythm of the story. The author ties two cultures together by an international adoption from China. By the time the oldest biological sister fulfills her dying mothers wishes to "reclaim Lily" her younger sister is 17 years old. During those seven years the sister has gone to medical school in America and found the cause of their mothers death which only fuels her desire to find her little sister. The disease is genetic and she wants to warn Lily and her adoptive family. In this process there is healing for all involved. It was hard to follow at times because of the oldest sisters flashbacks to China. I also had a hard time with the adoptive mothers emotional instability. Being an adoptive mother I remember how emotional international adoption can be but her personality rubbed me wrong and it seemed like her faith wasnt real. There were many twists and turns,plus a surprise ending, but if you can keep up I am sure you will enjoy this story.

Speaking of adoption,
Ive been posting this week about familes adopting in Ecuador.
I know of three families that have paperwork in the process and will be traveling soon. You can Read Monday and Tuesdays posts if youd like to read more.
Today I wanted to share a link with the last family I know will be traveling soon.
This little girl went to the same school as our Lil G and was an orphanange sister as well.
I am so excited for all the little ones finding their families......
Having a home
and a family

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ecuador part 2

this is a blog from another family
headed to Ecuador
to bring their new daughter home.
Their beautiful daughter
happens to have an extra chromosome just like Lil G.
She is from a different orphanage......
So glad that these families are getting the paperwork done
and moving forward in the process so smoothly.
(they are hosting a giveaway right now)
These adoptions are being added to my list
things to be thankful for.
It could have looked so different.

She shared this video.
I have watched/ listened to it so many times.
Her daughter is one of the last little girls.

Under His wings,

Monday, November 21, 2011


I fell in love with Ecuador several years ago,
I cant believe its been 12 years.
Its like a lifetime.
Lately if you follow Compassion you have seen the faces
Youve read the stories,
If youve been reading here long enough you will remember that its where our youngest daughter spent her first 4.5 years of her life.

Para Sus Ninos - Lil Gs first home
Her mother left her in the hospital after delivering her almost six years ago,
(our Lil G will be turning 6 next week.Thanksgiving day!)
this will be her second birthday as an American-
(we couldnt have done it without A LOT of help!!!!)
She left alot behind when she joined our family last summer
Many friends, roommates, sisters and brothers-in Christ.
Tias that rocked her when she was sick,
they held her and brushed away the tears when she fell down.
They fed her warm nutritious meals
and celebrated Holidays with her-
when we could not.
They taught her about Jesus,
They taught my daughter how to walk, potty trained her
and taught her to pray over her food- no matter how small
it needs to be prayed over in Lil G's book.
But I need to tell you that no matter how much they love the children
its not like having a family.

Several families are working on adoptions right now,
this family specifically is adopting TWO of Lil Gs Orphanage roommates
and they need our help......
If you have a heart for adoption,
if you have a heart for Ecuador,
wont you please consider purchasing a t-shirt
and spreading the word???
only $20........ something for you and something for these two orphans
and when you wear the shirt you will be reminded to pray......
Together we can do something BIG
Something big for D
Something Big for sweet L

This something Big is a home......
a place to "come home to".
I know there was nothing like the feeling of "coming home"
after eight weeks in Ecuador.
While you are spending time with friends and family,
giving thanks,
going home for the holiday,
wont you say a prayer for these little girls,
for this family,
and if you are so inspired,
lend a halping hand.
Ive met these little girls,
Ive cried real hot heart tears.....
that their family would find them.

“Declare his glory among the nations,
his marvelous deeds among all peoples.”
Psalms 96:3

Friday, November 18, 2011

Focusing on My God.....

"Now God has us where he wants us,
with all the time in this world
and the next
to shower grace and kindness upon us
in Christ Jesus"
Ephesians 2:10 Message

Life has been throwing curveballs lately
I keep choosing to focus on Him
"I AM"
not all the stuff.
Is amazing what a change in perspective will do for ya
I have been so so blessed following the Compassion Bloggers
Seeing those beautiful little ones in Ecuador
appreciating all that God did to bring lil G into our family
all the things I learned to appreciate
this spoiled American needed to learn a thing or two.
Then a family adopting from Ecuador posted this beautiful video
He knows my heart
He continues to bless me
Being able to hold my dear sweet daughter last night as she sobbed
what a blessing to have your 23 yo in your bed
instead of shedding tears alone
to know that she is home
that God has allowed us to be in a place financially
so that even during the gut wrenching losses
she is fed and has her needs met
praying that His words
that we continue to speak over her
that we are living
Will fix the brokenhearted
even though she has put her running shoes on
He understands.
I know this.
Its all grace.......

Joining up with the ladies at studio JRU
sharing whats in my "studio" this week........

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Resting and sharing photos

We went to see the Blue Angels perform last weekend.
I wonder if G remembers last year?
Ive meant to post photos all week.
I just cant believe its Thursday
and tomorrow is Friday.
Come back tomorrow now,
cuz Fridays we share whats going on in our studio
and Ive got a few things to share.
" Family"
She loved signing with her gloves on

Brothers -I love this one!

Isnt that awsome

Sorry about the cheesy grin.
I figured I needed to prove Im not vain.

This is the end of the "Wall of fire"
I know this is hard to see~ God put on his own airshow.
The sunset was AMAZING and this is the moon.
It was a huge ball of Orange. I couldnt take my eyes off it.
The fire works display beats our Fourth of July
I tried my hand at taking photos. Its hard without a tripod.
And to think............. I didnt want to go.
Giggle giggle
Under His wings,

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Internet Crime

Let me tell you......
I am waving the white flag.
Multiple white flags.

Should you decide to post something for sale on
Be forewarned........
Listen up.
It can happen to you.
Someone could contact you wanting to purchase said item
can they pay you with paypal?
"Why of course" you think
That is a safe way to complete a transaction for all involved.
"Ive been using Paypal for at least 10 years"
You can be sent e-mails that LOOK like they are from Paypal
with the logo
with special transaction numbers
They have deposited money and all paypal wants is the UPS tracking number.
It all looks legit.
You mail said item
send the tracking number
and wait for payment to be released into your checking account
which doesnt arrive
what you do get is an e-mail asking for more money to be wired for misc shortages.
You call paypal
only to learn its all a scam.
There is nothing paypal can do because none of the e-mails were actually from them.
They will research it.
I have learned from the Sheriffs officer that it happens.
He actually knew of someone "working out of their home shipping packages"
Got the "work at home job " on Craigslist.
come to find out the unpaid for -stolen- items
were mailed to his address and he turned around and mailed them to another address.
He was just the middle man.
Took him two weeks to figure out something was fishy.
(today we also have heard of people selling items, using paypal, and the recipient claiming that merchandise was never received and seller loosing money- send it receipt signature required in these situations.)

Yesterday at Bible study, one of the ladies wanted to rent a home listed on Craigslist and contacted said person. They wanted X amt for rent, great price, go look at the house and when we come back in town we can show you the inside. They wanted first last and security to hold it. Thankfully they called the realty agency on the sign in the front yard. It was a scam.
People are looking up MLS listings and using those on craigslist to get money.

We Filed an FBI report.
Called homeowners Ins to see if they could possibly help???
Wishing I could purchase a ticket to California to visit this private address and find this person. Who just added insult to injury.
Because now we are "crossing jurisdictions"
and no telling if anything will ever come of this loss.
Something irreplaceable
and valuable
is now gone.
Was up till 5am.
Running it around in my head
praying for God to fix it.
I know in ____ time I will be able to look back on this
see things learned.
I am thankful my family is alive and well.
taking one day at a time.
Looking for God
choosing to see grace......
This day is BEGGING to be a day of thanksgiving!
I hope all of this will be in the back of your mind,
that our loss can prevent something bad happening to you.

Under His wings,

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Clemantine update......

We took darlin Clemantine to the vet again
In search for a second opinion.
I am so so thankful for prayers
and for friends.....
awesome vets.
The friend that owns the Local yarn store we frequent had mentioned this vet
so they came to mind when I knew we needed to get
someone elses thoughts on how to proceed.
This vet was unbelievable.
She has such a quiet peaceful spirit.
She looked at it real well
after offering treats and snuggles
warm words
She seriously doesnt think its cancer.
My daughter said it sounded like a balloon when i breathed a HUGE sigh of relief.
The quote she gave us for the surgery is a third of what the other office wanted to charge.

This is good news.....

Under His wings,

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A conversation....

Lil G n I just had this conversation:

She toddles into the room, climbs into my lap.
Hugs and saying H H H sound and signing the letter H
Kisses and K K K signing the letter K
then signs " want Eat lunch please."
Mommy replies, "oh you are hungry, you want lunch? What would you like?"
Lil G signs /says, "lunch please"
Mommy signs and says," would you like a grilled cheese sandwich?"
G screeches , "NOOOOO!"
Mommy internally, maybe externally, rolls her eyes and thinks , "here we go again"
Mommy says calmly," Okay what would you like to eat?"
(thinking she would get the response signing "want eat lunch " Per usual.
Lil G has another surprise up her 4T sleeve
(purple shirt that says Daddy's girl) wink wink
Lil G replies/signs ," Want spaghetti please"
once again......
Doing the snoopy happy dance as I type this!
I feel so so blessed to be a part of this little girls life.
So blessed to have sign language.
Communication is beautiful.

Under His wings,

Monday, November 7, 2011

Arts festival

We went to first service yesterday
which gave us spare time to wander the Arts festival.
I must say it was heavenly.
(wouldve been even better without the crowds)
Husband entertained little one as we wandered up and down the streets and aisles.
I saw these handmade journals.
I dont even want one,
I know if I had one I wouldnt be able to bring myself to paint in it.
Really..... Im serious.
I know the reason Im enjoying my journal is
I know its made from an old book,
if I mess up I can just put a layer of gesso over it.
Very freeing.
I found some handpainted yarn and already have a knitting project on my list to knit it up.
I could barely sleep last night
because the yarn was screaming to be knit so loudly.
You think Im joking?
I dont joke about things like that.
I have to knit this baby sweater first.
Plus I was trying to get my other no purl monkey sock knit to mail by the 12th-
the last day to mail military packages for Christmas.
Which is highly unlikely anyhow.
I keep telling the yarn to be quiet and that it will have to wait its turn.

I loaded up in the car with Lil G
had brother drop us off on his way to school
so we could play at the park.
just to get out of the house-
and away from the yarn.
We had a great time
There happened to be a family that spoke Spanish at the park
I could tell Lil G was intrigued.
She actually tried to hug on the grandmother
who was a willing recipient.
I hurried to explain in my Spanglish that we were trying to discourage her from showing affection to strangers,
Felt like a heel.
Then while playing on the slide she hugged a little girl-
I apologized profusely -
she didnt even see it coming.
The look on her face was priceless.
I can laugh about it now!!!
Lil G enjoyed Climbing the rope ladder, the stairs, the swings,
the slide...... and the open space to RUN!
(didnt bring the camera- oops!)

Have to share a funny.
I was in the laundry room and lil G brought me a dishcloth,
Then she had something very serious to tell me.

I walk into the kitchen and see this in the sink. Huh?

Walk back to her room to see this..........

It was an "AHAAAA!" Moment .
I wonder if that smeared spot is where she tried to clean it on her own?
I didnt notice that until writing this post.
Thankfully I have the industrial size.
I am not sponsored by this company. My personal opinion= Amazing!)
Needless to say, She did have something important to tell me.
"Here mom, I think you are going to need this."
its all grace isnt it?!
off to go knit that baby sweater.... I promise!

Under His wings,

Saturday, November 5, 2011


You tube "signing time" on sisters phone

Big brother and fiance giving up time to be with family
(Nice purse huh!)

family time...........
370 lb bench

677lb squat
We had to go home before the deadlift for brother to work.
606 deadlift...... 1653 total. First place in his division.
Pretty awesome for a Drug free 46 year old!!!
knitting project done and blocked out- ready to mail
Beautiful prayer shawl.......

Breathtaking leaves when we arrived home.

A beautiful day......

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.
Under His wings,

Friday, November 4, 2011

whats going on in my "studio"

if youve been following along you know
life has been crazy here
with a capitol C. R.A.Z.Y.
Ive only gotten one journal page done.
In two weeks.........

I was sitting at a stoplight and saw this.
I laughed out loud.
All of us humans rushing around getting off work,
running errands,
these birds with not a care in the world.
Just chatting it up.......
I was thankful for the reminder.
For a real honest to goodness laugh.

"Look at the birds! Free and unfettered, not tied down to a job description, careless in the care of God....... and you count far more to him that the birds." Matthew 6:26 Message

My poor drafting table has to be dusted if I am to work again.
But I am choosing to be thankful
our spare room is now a buttery yellow
and I have a beautiful young lady living in it.
I painted this for her a few months ago.
I saw a painting similar to it and it made me think of her,
Changed the hair, the dog etc........

My prayer shawl is done! I am blocking it out today.
This was a great pattern for those of you that knit.
More pics of it being blocked out and dry to come........

Had to slip this in..... my two favorite dogs napping together
our vet appointment yesterday.............
Im going to call another local vet clinic
and schedule a second opinion.

Under His wings,

Thursday, November 3, 2011

oh my darlin clementine

As you can see I am grasping for straws........
thought I would do a picture montage of Clementine.
She is only ten years old- a "doodle" Dachshund and poodle mix

She had and affinity for piles of laundry..... and tulle.
(2003 sewing ballet costumes)


"the chain gang" at my parents house

oldest recuperating from Mono

2007 The Newlyweds......

this week after their move.......
we found a cyst a few months ago.
With the divorce and all.....
lived in denial about it.
It has doubled in size the past two months.
Dont google these sorts of things.
They dont make it feel any better......
just sayin.
The three of us are headed to the vet this afternoon.
with hope in our heart and prayers on our lips.
I really dont know how much more my daughter can handle
or that this mom can watch her endure,
trusting God with her.......

Under His wings,