Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Advent and Christmas

As you probably understood in my Thanks giving and Advent post,
we were out of town for Thanksgiving and came home late Sunday night,
up to start a new work week on Monday morning
So, my house is not decorated.
I have a routine,Saturday following Thanksgiving
shop for a tree,
de -clutter before setting the Nativity collection out
(much of the other decor gets packed away in the Christmas boxes)
move furniture before setting up the tree.
Instead, you see piles of papers, suitcases gaping open as I relieve them of the contents
laundry running,
boxes to go to storage still by the front door
you get the picture.

We needed milk and a few odds and ends so I stopped by the store
it rattled me, The countdown has begun........
I dont watch much tv
but when it came on last night
my senses were assaulted with things we ALL need and should have
to make it the "Perfect Christmas"
(the worst are the Audi commercials- REALLY?!Seriously?!)
The world is trying so hard to soothe the aches and pains of "real life"
gadgets and gizmos that will fill the holes
like retail therapy will fix it,

when really
what we are all searching for
cant be wrapped up all nice and pretty
tied with a bow.
We cannot put God in a box.

The prophets were looking for him
waiting for a King or a prince to wage war
instead he chose a different way.....
stop trying to put God in a box
wrapped with a pretty bow.
keep looking for him
mark some things off your list
to allow yourself time to keep waiting
and watching
it might look differently than you were expecting
it all started with grace........


  1. What a lovely post. I will share this, if you don't mind. :)

  2. Amen and amen girl.
    It's all crap without Him...
    You and must be reading the same mail!lol

  3. TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!!!

    GOD STARTED AND FINISHED- you can't find HIM anywhere but in TRUE WORSHIP!!!!!!! Stuff is a pathetic comparison for HIS AMAZING LOVE AND GRACE!

  4. Love it Anna! This is so true... so many people are trying to 'find' what is missing. If they only understood they already have the greatest gift of all!! ♥


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