Thursday, November 3, 2011

oh my darlin clementine

As you can see I am grasping for straws........
thought I would do a picture montage of Clementine.
She is only ten years old- a "doodle" Dachshund and poodle mix

She had and affinity for piles of laundry..... and tulle.
(2003 sewing ballet costumes)


"the chain gang" at my parents house

oldest recuperating from Mono

2007 The Newlyweds......

this week after their move.......
we found a cyst a few months ago.
With the divorce and all.....
lived in denial about it.
It has doubled in size the past two months.
Dont google these sorts of things.
They dont make it feel any better......
just sayin.
The three of us are headed to the vet this afternoon.
with hope in our heart and prayers on our lips.
I really dont know how much more my daughter can handle
or that this mom can watch her endure,
trusting God with her.......

Under His wings,


  1. Praying for a nice benign,nothing, nothing cyst.Keep us posted my friend.

  2. What a precious puppy and friend. Praying for you and your daughter and for Clementine's health...


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