Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Geen Poo"

Here she is watching me fill it up with COLD water......

I have only 3 photos of her in the past year laughing like this.... she was really having fun!

This morning I asked little G if she wanted to play in her pool.
Her response,"Geen Poo" I about fell on the floor. Why yes its a Green pool in G-speak. I continue to be amazed. I can tell her 1001 times not to fake sneeze, say excuse me,dont stand on the couch, oh and her new one- she loves to shut doors so Im constantly telling her, open(she can now say it clear as a bell) open please, open. blah blah blah. But when I ask if she wants to play in her pool as plain as day she tells me that its a "geen poo" while signing green. I mean I know she "gets it" its just still shocking when she proves it!Enjoy the pics!

The next item of news. We got a phone call from her Dr and she is going to see a follow up Dr and get hearing aids. I am so thrilled for her. So thankful that God has blessed us with a Dr that hears my heart and knows Im not making mountains out of mole hills. I dont know much about hearing loss. I do know they said it was nerve damage and the hearing tests that were done when she was 3.5 were very thorough and didnt show these same results. I am glad that I didnt keep thinking all was well and it was all in my head since we had those records. Little G will be able to see her daddys Dr which thrills me. We have a relationship with his practice and they REALLY care. Each time Daddy goes in they ask about little G and if he has a new photo with him. God is so good.
if you could.....
say a little prayer, poor G is having to wear a pull up because we have a tummy flu at our house. Im praying she doesnt get it. So far so good.

Under His wings,

Long weekends

Long weekends are so good.....
Ours was FULL.
P took off on Friday to prepare for "Insulation Installation."
Our A/c unit is actually small for the square footage of our home since we finished off the back room before moving in in 2004. He and E worked on it on Friday and Saturday. It was a hard job. I didnt realize that once it was done that I would have a job of my own. THere was a haze across the main living area and ev.ery.thing. was covered in white dust. (little G and I went out for the afternoon because it was just not possible to stay here. My oldest daughter came over, middle son and fiancée joined us for supper and we dusted, put a radiator in sons car, an a/c fan in fiancée's car- we meaning all the men people. I made a simple chicken stir fry dish and daughter had brought home made chocolate chip cookies.

Sunday we went to first service.
Did some grocery shopping.
I napped all afternoon.
Couldnt figure out what my problem was.....
Husband grilled chicken and I made sides.
Little G played in her "geen poo" (LOVE it!!!! green pool for those not saavy in G speak!)
Then the mommy proceeded to get sick.
Dont know why.... go figure.( maybe thats why I slept the day away?)
But all our wonderful Memorial Day plans went out the window.
I was more than sad.
We were going to have a larger than usual family outing to the cemetery and then the Naval air museum.
(my sister and twins are staying with grandpa. She had surgery and theyve packed for Germany. Here for a week. Then to Ga for the summer with our parents. I really want to spend time together before they head to Ga this weekend. sigh. But I am REALLY funny about getting out when Im not 100%.)
Still dont have my sea legs back today.
Been praying with all thats in me
that its not contagious- and little G doesnt get it.

Under His wings,

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Beautiful words

“Oh, the comfort, the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person, having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words, but pouring them all out, just as they are, chaff and grain together, certain that a faithful hand will take and sift them, keep what is worth keeping, and with a breath of kindness blow the rest away.”

- Dinah Craik (1826-1887), English poet and novelist

I found this quote while reading "Seeing. the every day," the blog.
It was one of those "AHA!!!" moments.
You know, like when you read a bible verse
or poem
that speaks to right.where.you.are.

Its beautiful isnt it?

Under His wings,

Any suggestions?

Im in the market to purchase a camera.
I have an HP point and click 4mp that came with my laptop and printer that I have definitely outgrown. I know three people with the Cannon Rebel and my sister has a Cannon 7D.
Since I am pretty artistic Id like to have a camera that I could learn new photography skills with and take to the next level.
Even though I can go shopping I just havent been able to muster up the initiative to research whats out there. Its all quite overwhelming to say the least.

I have two votes for the Nikon D40 so far.

Any help/advice would be most appreciated!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Purchasing a camera.... any suggestions?

Im in the market to purchase a camera. I have an HP point and click 4mp that came with my laptop and printer that I have definitely outgrown. I know two people with the Canon Rebel and my sister has one that is probably out of my price range and needs right now.
Since I am pretty artistic Id like to have a camera that I could learn new photography skills with and take to the next level.
Even though I can go shopping I just havent been able to muster up the initiative to research whats out there.

Any help/advice would be most appreciated!


Saturday, May 21, 2011

blogger........ part 2

If you scan my posts below you will see my post about blogger and their malfunction.
Last night while I was tinkering around I found a post that I had written last week. It took me HOURS to compile, I worked on it until the wee hours of the night and the next day while G was napping. I thought, no wonder it didnt get comments. It was in a box waiting to be published. go figure, so I hit publish.
Today husband and oldest son are out and about and I had a few more things I wanted to do and I scanned down in my blog to see that only the saved portion from the very start was published...... not all the hours of writing three, yes three!!!!!, book reviews that I put ALOT of thought and effort into are gone. That means I am off to Amazon to hunt up my reviews there, to cut and paste to put over here. ( if you like to read books go take a peek...... they were very good!)
Because I review for Bethany House
it is the right thing to do.


Friday, May 20, 2011

Its Friday!!! Whoo hoo!

G was invited to a Birthday party last weekend! Her fist adventure bowling. She wasnt too sure about it but ended up having a great time. She and Papa are a great team.(I get to be the journalist!)It was weird for me to see her with other little ones her age. She has come SO FAR in the past 11 months. I forget what typical 5 1/2 year olds are like though. It hurt for a brief moment but I am learning to capture all my thoughts. It has to be a new process for me given many situations I have found myself in lately. I HAVE to choose to throw the stinkin thinkin out and focus on Gods blessings, choose thankfulness in all of it.
I choose to be thankful for the little ring around my tub.
that adorable little one that loves bath time and splashing.
Its not dirt to be cleaned,
its a visible sign of fun,
being able to run and play
Outside(insert the sign for outside here!)
and get dirty!!!!!
I choose to smile when I see the fingerprints at the 2 1/2 ft height on the walls and trim. A year ago I hadnt even met the little one that they belong to..... and when I see the 6ft 2in boy/man towering over me each day I know that these little fingerprints will not be on the walls for long. All too soon it will be different.

I am thankful......
God sent me the most beautiful music to paint to,
(yes you are reading correctly! I am painting again!!!! I cleaned my creating place, drew all the next day, erased it ALL the second day, and started painting the third day.)
Back to what I was saying,
where was I???
Oh yes,
the mockingbirds and cardinals were serenading me,
I could barely hold back the tears
it was so beautiful.
He knows when I need a "God hug".
Please continue to pray for our family
and oldest daughter.

these last two pics are a hoot! This is something we play together to develop her hand strength. She wasnt able to do this in August without assistance. Now, not only does she put the snap beads together by herself but she matches the colors! I did NOT prompt her to do this. She picked one up, signed the color and found the other bead with the matching color. A few times she picked up a different color, started to put them together and told herself "no, yellow...." put down the bead she had and found another yellow one to match and so on. I just sat to the side and was dying laughing in my head. Really. It. cracked. me. up. I hope this isnt a sign that she will be a little OCD about things. It might be an adventure in kindergarten doing pattern games......giggle giggle......I can just see us now!!!!!NOOOOOO red doesnt go next!!!

Have a blessed weekend!
Look for God,
He is there in the Chaos.
Pause and be thankful,

Under His wings,

Thursday, May 19, 2011

"If.... then"

Ive just been wishing lately that life was like an "if.... then" consequence chart. When my little ones were growing up we had an "If..... then" consequence chart hanging on the fridge. It was good to have the actions and consequences spelled out for all to see, young and old.
But i am learning that life just doesnt work that way,
You can be the best parent you can possibly be,
eat a certain way,
read scripture,
go to church on Sunday,
really live out your faith,
love your children until it physically hurts.
But life will still be life.
That house of cards can come crashing down
leaving a huge mess to clean up.
We are even warned about it in scripture- and yet it still shocks me!
Things happen that werent even on your radar.

The nitty gritty is.....
how you will handle it all.
I am still trying to figure that out.
I keep choosing to be thankful,
I keep choosing healthy thoughts,
I keep choosing love.
But my throat aches,
the tears are many,
and Ive been eating alot of Pepcid
and drinking Mylanta.
Dont see me as weak because I hurt,
because I grieve,
I am trying to be transparent.
I am trying to really walk the walk etc.
But I still am made of flesh.
Im trying to live grace.......
it just doesnt come naturally
and thats where Christ comes in.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A year ago......

Its mid May,
June is rapidly approaching and I want to spend the next few months really posting about our experience.
I hope that the memories come flooding back.
I wish things had been different.
But they were how they were supposed to be.

A year ago,
The Mothers Day message brought my heart to its knees.
God is just SO FUNNY!
He has such a sense of humor!
I love how he pursues me.
And how He used my talent to bring her home.
A little at a time.
Just as we needed a bit here or there.
He provided.

And if youd like to imagine with me,
We knew that we would be traveling
to Ecuador
to go meet sweet little G.
I am thinking that the Tias had started showing her photos of her family. (she had been given our pictures a year earlier, and waited, and waited.) I dont think they showed her our photos over the long ordeal. But I KNOW that by May they were possibly starting to prepare her for her new adventure.
So here is a photo of little G seeing her family for the FIRST time. April 2009.(since I dont have pics of her looking at our photos in May 2010.) today I am celebrating what she must have felt to see hew family for the first time.

I wonder if you are brought to tears like I am so see that little face again?
She doesnt even look the same.
She is so soft now.
My sweet little darling.


Last week blogger experienced some issues.
I KNOW I allowed posts for last weeks posts.
My sweet comments are gone.
Insert frown here.

off to post on my other blog and get busy painting those peonys I drew yesterday!
(yay me! Throws confetti!)

Under His wings,

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Manifesto- and painting

Here is a link to a song i enjoyed today.
Yesterday I spent the afternoon cleaning off my drafting table so i could paint.
That took all afternoon, one thing led to another.
Today I sat down and painted,
and drew out some Peonys to paint tomorrow.
Been e-mailing with a friend about a little girl that lives in the Orphanage where little G spent 4.5 years. I cant wait to see what God has in store.

I remain,
Under His wings,

Monday, May 16, 2011

An Artist- I can feel it today!!!!!

"The artist is a receptacle
for emotions
that come from all over the place:
from the sky,
from the earth,
from a scrap of paper,
from a passing shape,
from a spider's web.”
-- Picasso

to be painted.
clear off the "creating" table.
wipe away the dust,
the "things to do"
Wood glue
broken ness
waiting to be made whole again.
White crisp paper
the tooth waiting to grab the colors.
Empty water basin
a layer of time
waiting to be washed off.
It has to be felt
taken apart,
petal by petal,
leaves dissected
then put back together.
In color.
and hues.
Strokes of the brush
capturing the movements
pulsing through the veins
re created
where time cannot reach

-Anna Wallis

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mothers Day 1986

25 years ago today,
Mothers day 1986.
I remember the dress I was wearing.
That was the day I fell head over heels in love with my husband. I remember sitting in that sanctuary. Not because I WANTED to, but because my father was one of those. "As long as you live in MY HOUSE you will be in church on Sunday." And when he said something he meant it.If you werent at church, meaning sick, you didnt do anything else that day.

So, a sullen 17 year old bone thin young lady was sitting at church on a Sunday evening, not really paying attention with her heart.
It was too broken to hear.
We were standing up.
Head bent.
Eyes closed.
I felt a movement in the air next to me
look up out of the corner of my eye.
didnt even recognize him.
it took a second glance.
Before everything clicked.
He had been gone for years.
I remember them planning their wedding.
I kept him in my thoughts and prayers.
Not knowing his reality.
I was too busy being a train wreck.
he was standing next to me.
How did this happen.
We went out to Pizza Hut and talked. He was not married anymore. Barely three years. He was just so thin. This huge football player that gave me rides home from Youth group functions...... Let this little 96 pound flute player tag along with Him and his girlfriends when we toured the country singing, doing puppet shows each summer.
He had it together.
He knew where he was going.
Me, not so much.
He was going to be an architect.
I wonder if he dreams of it still today?
I can vaguely remember his initials scrawled on my Du-Tang folder in ninth grade, keeping it at the bottom of the stack in case we should bump into each other in the hallway.
He was a Senior.
I was barely getting started.
He was light years ahead of me.

Now I was a senior,
About to graduate.
I still had no idea who I was
where I was going.
In the weeks to follow
the one thing I knew,
He was the man of my dreams.
The one I had been praying for.
(I told him once that there were years I was praying twice,
Once for the friend that had married and moved away
and secondly for my future husband.)
All 165 pounds of him.
We grew in our faith together.

Its been a journey,
it still is.
But he is still the man of my dreams.
The one I can count on,
no matter what.

Four beautiful children later....

I remain,
Under His wings,

Three book reviews!

Im up and cant sleep. the good thing is that little one is sleeping so I can get some of my paperwork done and checked off my list. I have three book reviews to write.

"Courting Miss Amsel" by Kim Vogel Sawyer was the last of the three books I read from Bethany house so I will start with that one.It was a sweet tale of a schoolmarm set in the 18oos in Nebraska. She was fresh out of school as the story takes you on a journey of new beginnings while running from her past. The story was filled with friends and family as well as pupils and the mindset of a farming community hesitant in accepting change and new ideas.I enjoyed the tale of a teacher doing things differently than what was expected and teaching the town new methods of discipline and learning. Being a home school family I appreciated many of the tricks she used with her pupils to promote a love of learning. I had to wonder if this could/would have happened that long ago? I typically think of "little House on the Prarie" type school settings. I enjoyed the relationships that were formed throughout the book. The characters were likable and there was enough detail for them to be realistic. I enjoyed the twists and turns that kept my interest. This was a well written book. I would recommend it for someone that enjoys a light read for a day at the beach or an outing if you enjoy a good historical novel. I gave this four out of five stars.

"Another Dawn" by Kathryn Cushman is the second book for me to write about.This was the first book Ive read by this author. I enjoyed her writing style so much. I read the description provided when choosing the books to review and was thrilled to find the book taking me on an unexpected adventure. This book was filled with many vivid characters and scenarios. Friends and relationships that had a past and depth that makes a story more interesting. I will tell you that the unexpected adventure is related to the topic of Autism and the possible links with vaccinations. To vaccinate vs not to vaccinate.(I hate to give it away since it took me by surprise. ) I enjoyed how the author dealt with a controversial topic and the depth of research, and heart she put into this story. I also enjoyed how she portrayed the reality of how our faith impacts our reality. Life happens. People makes decisions and we generally do not like the fact that decisions can have consequences.(good and bad) How are you going to act/react when faced with reality.If you want a gripping, cannot put it down until youve turned the last page type of novel this is a must read for you!I gave this book five out of five stars.

Now I Walk on Death Row: A Wall Street Finance Lawyer Stumbles into the Arms of A Loving God
by Dale S. Recinella
When I read the overview of this book I thought I might enjoy the topic.This book did not let me down. We too have ventured out into the unknown when we entered the international adoption adventure- Adoption of a child with known medical history. Something that some people shy away from. Even people of faith. But we have found that our faith only causes us to act on what we believe. To not only know the stories of the bible we learned as a child in our heads but allow what was taught to seep into our heart, the marrow of our bones. It changes you. I have found this same story resonating in the words of this book. A "one day I was living life. Living the American Dream. Then I realized something had to change" story. I appreciated the fine details yet not too much for a stay at home mother of four. The writer has a beautiful way with words and you may possibly find yourself asking questions of where your faith and real service intersect.I found I could not read the book as quickly as I would like because the story was so gripping and heart felt. I had to set it down to let it rest.But it has the quality of a book that I could easily read in one sitting! I have given it to my 17 year old son to read and would highly recommend this gripping true story.I gave this book five out of five stars.

I would like to thank Bethany house Publishers for the opportunity to read these book.I received a copy for review purposes which in no way influenced my reviews.
I hope if you have adventures for the summer these reviews might help you when you are off chosing a read for the road!

God is faithful

“You have recorded my troubles. You have kept a list of my tears. Aren’t they in your records?” ~Ps. 56:8

Even though we dont understand the hows and whys.....
We can know that God is present in the now.
I am so thankful that the things that bring the tears are important to him.
That He is mindful of me.
He sends me daily reminders of his love,
A special happy dance from my youngest.(upon driving into the parking lot of Chick fil A)
A pair of cardinals setting up housekeeping.
(fighting with the other bird in the rearview mirror)
I love you.
You are mine.
I hear.
I am present.

Those hard truths we learned during the adoption journey.
The truths of His Character,
its all so valuable now.

Please continue to lift our family in prayer.
Especially my oldest daughter.
I wish that I could kiss it and make it better.
I am so thankful that God is ever present.
He is real and He cares.
I am doing my best to keep my hands open,
giving it back to him so they are empty to receive the blessings He would have for me in this.

Under His wings,

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Latest "firsts" for Little G

I should never be amazed by this little smarty pants.
But she continually surprises me.
I am so thankful for her first mothers, the tias, at the orphanage.
When we arrived in Ecuador Little G was already potty trained. WHoo hoo! We taught her how to sign potty in Ecuador so that she would be able to tell us when a need arose. Very handy for sure! If you dont know this sign and have a little one its really easy, do you know how to make the letter T in sign language? If not its really easy. Take your thumb and put it between your pointer and middle finger. There, see I told you it was easy! All you do is wave your letter T back and forth to say potty or " t is for toilet". Now if you want to be specific, in little G fashion make a noise that sounds like "Hmmmmm?????" I can hear that noise and KNOW she is asking someone to take her potty. So funny.....
Remember the post a day in the life of little G and told about her getting shut in the bathroom without the light on? This happened twice that afternoon. Well, by the end of the day we found her in the bathroom on the toilet by herself. I had been working on teaching her how to turn the light on herself AND teaching her to get on the toilet on her own. She will ask and I will tell her,"okay, lets go. Go turn on the light and pull your panties down." I let her get a head start and sneak up to the doorway to see how she is doing. As long as brother leaves the seat down and lid up we are fine. That is what was going on last week. She was basically trying to go potty without telling me first.

Since we have been teaching her to turn the lights on and off its been very intersting. Yesterday while I was doing paperwork We had a strobe light effect going on in the dining room with her laughing her head off. I just ignored her. Last night you knew where she was because all of a sudden a light would flicker on or off depending on her mood. Papa got a laugh out of it.

Last Friday She was in the kitchen, pulled up her little red step stool to the oven, grabbed Max's dog dish, her sippy cup sat down and started gabbering and talking with her hands in a demonstrative way. Huh? Then it clicked, with hubby's parents here for a week we watched a lot of food network- she was cooking! Watch out Paula Dean!!!

She has been asking to watch Sesame street. (Im afraid Barney too) She finds me and asks "T" while signing TV-sometimes bringing me the remote. (basically the letter T and then V. Pretty easy!)Some times its funny- she will sign T,U,V,W. ha ha! She just started saying Doggie instead of Dog. She isnt signing this word when saying it anymore either. "Gog, or Goggie." I love hearing her sweet little words.

The last new thing, Remember me telling you about how she walked when we first met her? Little G was very hesitant with her walking. She was unsure about the changes in texture/ patterns and color. She drug her feet like a blind person. She is on the move. Yesterday after naptime, like most afternoons, we went outside to check on the garden and play. She hunts up a sunny spot to play with her shadow right off. I sat on the swing just watching her. (remember, I am trying to back off a bit!) She ran, and ran, and ran some more. It was so adorable.

We went to a farewell party Friday evening.
A friend's daughter was married in December.
She was able to fly the nest and join her husband as they start their new life together.
Its hard raising them up,
only to let go.
Ive been there.
My daughter is only 3 miles away though and Ive been able to enjoy knitting, crafting, chick flicks and going out for a cuppa tea/coffee together.

I hurt for my friend.
I had planned on not staying long.
I wasnt going to attend with this horrible cold.
BUT, I felt like I needed to "be there" even just for a little while.
I was so glad that I had planned on just dropping in.
Little G didnt. do. well.
She yelled no at everyone wanting a hug etc. (which shows she has bonded, but doesnt look/sound pretty.)
She was given a slice of home made sour cream pound cake and would. not. eat. it. I went into the dining room away from the crowd thinking it would help.
We will need to work on that a bit.
I can sense her getting all wound up inside
feeding off the noise and chaos.
She has been invited to a birthday party this Saturday, at our local bowling alley. We are going to visit one evening this week to prepare her for the noise. I am hoping that all goes well. This family has been SO GOOD TO US! The birthday girls uncle is 20-something and has down syndrome. The little girl hunts little G up every Sunday to play ring-around-the-rosie.... so sweet, I know that just like her, I look forward to it every week.

Enough rambling,
Under His wings,

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Chalk it up

Heres what little G and I were up to yesterday.
She and Mommy were creating.
I had such a great time showing her how to hold the brush and chalk and then just stepping away. I have had a hard time with micro managing her and "teaching" all the time. I realized that I was letting all the joy drain out of the bottle......
(I told you she still has a lot to teach me!)

I just LOVE this photo! "A new perspective always helps!"

I was able to get out and be artistic with my oldest daughter today. It was alot of fun. We went to "chalk it up Pensacola" and participated in a sidewalk chalk art competition to benefit Literacy in the community. You might know this by now, I am a book worm for sure! I was thrilled to be a part of something like this. We had a time limit and limited palette of colors. I am pleased with the results.We didnt place but not all rewards are tangible/ monetary. Dont you agree?!!

He even made sure little G had her contacts in and sunglasses on!
I pray all my children end up married to their best friend......

Enjoy time with your families dear friends!
Under His wings,

Chalk it up Pensacola!

Heres what little G and I were up to yesterday.
She and Mommy were creating.
I had such a great time showing her how to hold the brush and chalk and then just stepping away. I have had a hard time with micro managing her and "teaching" all the time. I realized that I was letting all the joy drain out of the bottle......
(I told you she still has a lot to teach me!)

I just LOVE this photo! "A new perspective always helps!"

I was able to get out and be artistic with my oldest daughter today. It was alot of fun. We went to "chalk it up Pensacola" and participated in a sidewalk chalk art competition to benefit Literacy in the community. You might know this by now, I am a book worm for sure! I was thrilled to be a part of something like this. We had a time limit and limited palette of colors. I am pleased with the results.We didnt place but not all rewards are tangible/ monetary. Dont you agree?!!

He even made sure little G had her contacts in and sunglasses on!
I pray all my children end up married to their best friend......

Enjoy time with your families dear friends!
Under His wings,

Friday, May 6, 2011

A mother's day

little one
round pink glasses
taking in my smile
signing "happy"
saying "aaaaappy aappy"
cereal sweetened kisses
on my face.
chubby hands
little bent pinkies
a big girl cup for you
sweet little one
ca-bull ca-bull ca-bull
what is that?
what are you trying to tell me
to teach me?
I ponder
the rhythm of the sounds,
a self-sung mantra
Ive heard it before
Nice and easy.
Dont rush.
will be here all too soon.

Thank you for reading and going on this beautiful journey with us.
It seems every day she does something, tries to say something new.
Im afraid that I will be in that torn place of motherhood all too soon.
You know the one......
Pushing, teaching them to fly.
Yet inwardly grasping and trying to hold on.

Happy Mothers Day,
I remain,
Under His wings,

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A day in the life of little G

Snuggle in bed.
Lots of kisses.
Mimic mommy coughing.
Yogurt and cheerios.
two Sesame streets.
Ride the Great Dane.
Mimic mommy blowing nose.
(then shred the tissues)
practice pincer muscles picking up shredded tissue.
Eat lunch.(homemade pot pie)
accidentally shut in a dark bathroom.
mimic mommy coughing and gagging.
Get locked OUT of brothers bedroom.
Empty all books, stuffed animals, and large interlocking blocks on bedroom floor.
clean up books, stuffed animals and blocks.
To be continued.....
Its only 1:30.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A quiet home- well kinda

I had to post all three photos. Just seeing the expressions makes me laugh!

My husbands parents started the journey home yesterday.

It is quite a trip for us and we are much younger.(550 miles)

They drive it in two days.

They came to stay with us a week for our oldest daughter's College graduation.

She has a double degree- Elementary Education, Special Education. 4 specialty certificates.Cant tell Im proud can you?

I was able to catch up with them quite a bit and Im thankful for where our relationship is now compared to a year ago. Both of our families were not 100% on board with our adoption plans. Much to my dismay I didnt realize that it was so hard for them until AFTER the fact. My husbands mother was much more vocal about it so thankfully I knew right where she stood on the matter. You need to know that she was a RN for many many years. The medical acceptance and understanding has come so far over the years. She is allowed to have her opinions and I serve a God that is so so good at changing opinions and mindsets. I am glad that I have just allowed Him to do His work, not me. No judgement either. I completely understand her love and concern, and respect her.(remember I am now a mother of adult children too.... I am struggling with enjoying this title- a little more honesty) Little G has wooed everyone and they just cant help but love her to pieces!

Mom and I were able to sit on a bench outside and discuss the reality.

Life with little G.

I wept as I told her how the emotion of it all caused my heart to grow so big in my chest that I cannot breathe. We arent the only ones either. There are many many families that stepped out and journeyed this hard road called international adoption and chose a child because they needed a family. I recently dealt with the criticism of someone because we adopted a child Internationally instead of from our own country. I understand the comments.Im not going to even take the time to defend our decision. I shudder at the thought of the little ones that would NEVER be adopted in their own country. Families just dont have the support of their families and communities like we do here.

They dont have medical access we take for granted.

Even if I had no one supporting us in this journey,thankfully we do- and then some,

I would still do it.

Every child deserves a family.

A family's love CAN and DOES make a huge difference.

Mom and Dad should be home this afternoon or evening.

Its awfully quiet today,

snuggling in bed and getting covered in kisses,

baby birds in a nest singing outside my bedroom window,

while little G signs colors and makes pretty images at her easel.

We sing eensy weensy spider,

talk/sign about school and paper,scissors,backpack.....

gorilla and monkey.....

put on our shoes to see the miniature beans, cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes.

Figs the size of a pencil eraser.

Eat loquats off the tree.(what to do with ALL the ripe loquats???)

God has blessed us abundantly......

I remain,

Under His wings,


Book review "One thousand gifts" by Ann Voskamp

In my silence I had been reading this book. "one thousand gifts" By Ann Voskamp.
I read books for Bethany House publishers and have to write reviews once I have completed a book. I thought that even though I was reading this on my own accord that it deserved a review. So here goes:

I am writing this review after only a week of reading time.
I actually had to make myself put it down and let what I had read sink in and think on it before I started each new chapter. It was well written and has touched me deeply. I am going through a difficult time and Im so glad that I had this book to shed some light on being thankful, no matter what. I want to start my review by telling a bit about me and letting anyone reading my review know that this writers style may not be your "cup of tea". I am an artist and paint in a naturalistic way. I look for things in nature that seem to be God showing who He is as creator. I have been traveling down this road called motherhood for over half my life. Motherhood has taught me much about myself and this book speaks of that, how to see past the loads of laundry and squabbles, the everyday mundane and start looking at everything as a blessing and reason to be thankful. Take for instance the mound of laundry I just mentioned...... the one that seems never- ending. You can choose to be frustrated or to be thankful that you have the finances to clothe your little ones and so many pairs of little feet that are able to play hard and get those clothes dirty. (there are many women young and old that have struggled with infertility and would consider themselves blessed to have the squabbles and laundry that will blind us to the reality if we dont make a choice to be thankful.) I loved the writing style and the many times the author made me stop and re-read a passage looking for the meaning in the words. I understand that this would cause some personalities to become frustrated. But I am always looking for beautiful things and have grown weary of books that just occupy time, I want to be changed, have my mind stretched and learn. As you see I would highly recommend this book, I understand it might not suit everyone but if you are looking for a new way of seeing things this might be a good place to start.