Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mothers Day 1986

25 years ago today,
Mothers day 1986.
I remember the dress I was wearing.
That was the day I fell head over heels in love with my husband. I remember sitting in that sanctuary. Not because I WANTED to, but because my father was one of those. "As long as you live in MY HOUSE you will be in church on Sunday." And when he said something he meant it.If you werent at church, meaning sick, you didnt do anything else that day.

So, a sullen 17 year old bone thin young lady was sitting at church on a Sunday evening, not really paying attention with her heart.
It was too broken to hear.
We were standing up.
Head bent.
Eyes closed.
I felt a movement in the air next to me
look up out of the corner of my eye.
didnt even recognize him.
it took a second glance.
Before everything clicked.
He had been gone for years.
I remember them planning their wedding.
I kept him in my thoughts and prayers.
Not knowing his reality.
I was too busy being a train wreck.
he was standing next to me.
How did this happen.
We went out to Pizza Hut and talked. He was not married anymore. Barely three years. He was just so thin. This huge football player that gave me rides home from Youth group functions...... Let this little 96 pound flute player tag along with Him and his girlfriends when we toured the country singing, doing puppet shows each summer.
He had it together.
He knew where he was going.
Me, not so much.
He was going to be an architect.
I wonder if he dreams of it still today?
I can vaguely remember his initials scrawled on my Du-Tang folder in ninth grade, keeping it at the bottom of the stack in case we should bump into each other in the hallway.
He was a Senior.
I was barely getting started.
He was light years ahead of me.

Now I was a senior,
About to graduate.
I still had no idea who I was
where I was going.
In the weeks to follow
the one thing I knew,
He was the man of my dreams.
The one I had been praying for.
(I told him once that there were years I was praying twice,
Once for the friend that had married and moved away
and secondly for my future husband.)
All 165 pounds of him.
We grew in our faith together.

Its been a journey,
it still is.
But he is still the man of my dreams.
The one I can count on,
no matter what.

Four beautiful children later....

I remain,
Under His wings,


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