Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Book review "One thousand gifts" by Ann Voskamp

In my silence I had been reading this book. "one thousand gifts" By Ann Voskamp.
I read books for Bethany House publishers and have to write reviews once I have completed a book. I thought that even though I was reading this on my own accord that it deserved a review. So here goes:

I am writing this review after only a week of reading time.
I actually had to make myself put it down and let what I had read sink in and think on it before I started each new chapter. It was well written and has touched me deeply. I am going through a difficult time and Im so glad that I had this book to shed some light on being thankful, no matter what. I want to start my review by telling a bit about me and letting anyone reading my review know that this writers style may not be your "cup of tea". I am an artist and paint in a naturalistic way. I look for things in nature that seem to be God showing who He is as creator. I have been traveling down this road called motherhood for over half my life. Motherhood has taught me much about myself and this book speaks of that, how to see past the loads of laundry and squabbles, the everyday mundane and start looking at everything as a blessing and reason to be thankful. Take for instance the mound of laundry I just mentioned...... the one that seems never- ending. You can choose to be frustrated or to be thankful that you have the finances to clothe your little ones and so many pairs of little feet that are able to play hard and get those clothes dirty. (there are many women young and old that have struggled with infertility and would consider themselves blessed to have the squabbles and laundry that will blind us to the reality if we dont make a choice to be thankful.) I loved the writing style and the many times the author made me stop and re-read a passage looking for the meaning in the words. I understand that this would cause some personalities to become frustrated. But I am always looking for beautiful things and have grown weary of books that just occupy time, I want to be changed, have my mind stretched and learn. As you see I would highly recommend this book, I understand it might not suit everyone but if you are looking for a new way of seeing things this might be a good place to start.

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  1. I think you have written a good review. I have been truly moved by reading her book this week.
    It has the power to break open my heart...and I am not easily influenced by current Christian writers.
    Possibly her work speaks to me because I come from a farm family and am an artist and a bit of a free spirit...one able to find the truth in poetry and in the spaces between the words, rather that always the literal.

    Thanks for the review!


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