Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Latest "firsts" for Little G

I should never be amazed by this little smarty pants.
But she continually surprises me.
I am so thankful for her first mothers, the tias, at the orphanage.
When we arrived in Ecuador Little G was already potty trained. WHoo hoo! We taught her how to sign potty in Ecuador so that she would be able to tell us when a need arose. Very handy for sure! If you dont know this sign and have a little one its really easy, do you know how to make the letter T in sign language? If not its really easy. Take your thumb and put it between your pointer and middle finger. There, see I told you it was easy! All you do is wave your letter T back and forth to say potty or " t is for toilet". Now if you want to be specific, in little G fashion make a noise that sounds like "Hmmmmm?????" I can hear that noise and KNOW she is asking someone to take her potty. So funny.....
Remember the post a day in the life of little G and told about her getting shut in the bathroom without the light on? This happened twice that afternoon. Well, by the end of the day we found her in the bathroom on the toilet by herself. I had been working on teaching her how to turn the light on herself AND teaching her to get on the toilet on her own. She will ask and I will tell her,"okay, lets go. Go turn on the light and pull your panties down." I let her get a head start and sneak up to the doorway to see how she is doing. As long as brother leaves the seat down and lid up we are fine. That is what was going on last week. She was basically trying to go potty without telling me first.

Since we have been teaching her to turn the lights on and off its been very intersting. Yesterday while I was doing paperwork We had a strobe light effect going on in the dining room with her laughing her head off. I just ignored her. Last night you knew where she was because all of a sudden a light would flicker on or off depending on her mood. Papa got a laugh out of it.

Last Friday She was in the kitchen, pulled up her little red step stool to the oven, grabbed Max's dog dish, her sippy cup sat down and started gabbering and talking with her hands in a demonstrative way. Huh? Then it clicked, with hubby's parents here for a week we watched a lot of food network- she was cooking! Watch out Paula Dean!!!

She has been asking to watch Sesame street. (Im afraid Barney too) She finds me and asks "T" while signing TV-sometimes bringing me the remote. (basically the letter T and then V. Pretty easy!)Some times its funny- she will sign T,U,V,W. ha ha! She just started saying Doggie instead of Dog. She isnt signing this word when saying it anymore either. "Gog, or Goggie." I love hearing her sweet little words.

The last new thing, Remember me telling you about how she walked when we first met her? Little G was very hesitant with her walking. She was unsure about the changes in texture/ patterns and color. She drug her feet like a blind person. She is on the move. Yesterday after naptime, like most afternoons, we went outside to check on the garden and play. She hunts up a sunny spot to play with her shadow right off. I sat on the swing just watching her. (remember, I am trying to back off a bit!) She ran, and ran, and ran some more. It was so adorable.

We went to a farewell party Friday evening.
A friend's daughter was married in December.
She was able to fly the nest and join her husband as they start their new life together.
Its hard raising them up,
only to let go.
Ive been there.
My daughter is only 3 miles away though and Ive been able to enjoy knitting, crafting, chick flicks and going out for a cuppa tea/coffee together.

I hurt for my friend.
I had planned on not staying long.
I wasnt going to attend with this horrible cold.
BUT, I felt like I needed to "be there" even just for a little while.
I was so glad that I had planned on just dropping in.
Little G didnt. do. well.
She yelled no at everyone wanting a hug etc. (which shows she has bonded, but doesnt look/sound pretty.)
She was given a slice of home made sour cream pound cake and would. not. eat. it. I went into the dining room away from the crowd thinking it would help.
We will need to work on that a bit.
I can sense her getting all wound up inside
feeding off the noise and chaos.
She has been invited to a birthday party this Saturday, at our local bowling alley. We are going to visit one evening this week to prepare her for the noise. I am hoping that all goes well. This family has been SO GOOD TO US! The birthday girls uncle is 20-something and has down syndrome. The little girl hunts little G up every Sunday to play ring-around-the-rosie.... so sweet, I know that just like her, I look forward to it every week.

Enough rambling,
Under His wings,

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