Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A quiet home- well kinda

I had to post all three photos. Just seeing the expressions makes me laugh!

My husbands parents started the journey home yesterday.

It is quite a trip for us and we are much younger.(550 miles)

They drive it in two days.

They came to stay with us a week for our oldest daughter's College graduation.

She has a double degree- Elementary Education, Special Education. 4 specialty certificates.Cant tell Im proud can you?

I was able to catch up with them quite a bit and Im thankful for where our relationship is now compared to a year ago. Both of our families were not 100% on board with our adoption plans. Much to my dismay I didnt realize that it was so hard for them until AFTER the fact. My husbands mother was much more vocal about it so thankfully I knew right where she stood on the matter. You need to know that she was a RN for many many years. The medical acceptance and understanding has come so far over the years. She is allowed to have her opinions and I serve a God that is so so good at changing opinions and mindsets. I am glad that I have just allowed Him to do His work, not me. No judgement either. I completely understand her love and concern, and respect her.(remember I am now a mother of adult children too.... I am struggling with enjoying this title- a little more honesty) Little G has wooed everyone and they just cant help but love her to pieces!

Mom and I were able to sit on a bench outside and discuss the reality.

Life with little G.

I wept as I told her how the emotion of it all caused my heart to grow so big in my chest that I cannot breathe. We arent the only ones either. There are many many families that stepped out and journeyed this hard road called international adoption and chose a child because they needed a family. I recently dealt with the criticism of someone because we adopted a child Internationally instead of from our own country. I understand the comments.Im not going to even take the time to defend our decision. I shudder at the thought of the little ones that would NEVER be adopted in their own country. Families just dont have the support of their families and communities like we do here.

They dont have medical access we take for granted.

Even if I had no one supporting us in this journey,thankfully we do- and then some,

I would still do it.

Every child deserves a family.

A family's love CAN and DOES make a huge difference.

Mom and Dad should be home this afternoon or evening.

Its awfully quiet today,

snuggling in bed and getting covered in kisses,

baby birds in a nest singing outside my bedroom window,

while little G signs colors and makes pretty images at her easel.

We sing eensy weensy spider,

talk/sign about school and paper,scissors,backpack.....

gorilla and monkey.....

put on our shoes to see the miniature beans, cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes.

Figs the size of a pencil eraser.

Eat loquats off the tree.(what to do with ALL the ripe loquats???)

God has blessed us abundantly......

I remain,

Under His wings,


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  1. Glad that hopefully they have come around :) It is hard with no support.

    You know we have done international and domestic and let me just say ALL CHILDREN NEED A HOME!!!!! Seriously does NOT matter where they are from. Let's just say that just because they are in south america, Asia, Africa, etc. REally that means we shouldn't adopt them??? That is RIDICULOUS!!! Ok stepping down off my soap box now. :)


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