this is the first photo we received of our sweet little G.
It was taken sometime in the summer of 2008 and we started our paperwork the Fall of 2008
She was raised in a beautiful orphanage in Quito, Ecuador.  "Para Sus Ninos" or translated "For His Children"

                              this is June 7, 2010 We were meeting our new daughter for the first time!
The psychologist is showing her the photo album we had sent over a year earlier to prepare her for our arrival. I will never forget the psychologists words,"when we started showing her the photos again I knew she remembered you. She knew you were the family we had told her about" it still grieves my heart that it took so long.

                                             This is one of our all time favorite photos of Little G
                                        Playing tickle games with papa. This was taken only a week
                                            or so after arriving in her new home, August 2010.
this photo was taken a year later, August 2011,
 when we were able to pay a visit to the Directors of the Orphanage.


                              Little G and her siblings