Monday, February 10, 2014

What's going on in my studio?

                        I made a commitment,
                       "Paint just one hour a day."


                                                         Little did I know,
                                        That commitment plus sharing photos
                                           Would open up a big can of worms.


                        I've had requests each day for the painting or one like it.
                                             This is not what I had intended. 
                                       It's quite overwhelming for this introvert.


                                           I dreamt of being an artist one day.
                                           I wanted to illustrate children's books.
                                   (I even have one written and the ideas sketched out.)
                                                  But how to sell a book? Ugh.


                                                         I  just enjoy painting.
                                            (Of course Id love to support my habit)
                                                          Money for supplies.
              Maybe have some tucked away for Graces needs not covered by insurance.

                                       I'd like to know,how do you make it work?
                                                            Business cards?
                                                             Etsy? Pay Pal?
                                    Business website or a business Facebook page?
                                                         What works for you,
                                                          and what doesn't?

                      Linking up with Jen and the ladies at " what's in your studio"