Thursday, January 23, 2014

What's going on in my studio

I used to belong to a group of sweet artists that would link up on Fridays,
We encouraged one another in the creative process.
Just a bunch of sweet ladies.
I loved linking up and sharing what I had been creating.
Well fast forward and I've dusted my drafting table off
And I am painting again.

                        Between everything else I have pulling at me for attention
                      I've decided I would set aside at least one hour to nurture my creative self. 


Things have been a little out if balance so Im going to put forth some effort.
I also made a comment about taking care of my physical being
My husband took that little mention
And ran with it,
I am now signed up for yoga classes.
Yes. Me. Shaking in my shoes.
No turning back.
The hours, days, and weeks add up.
I have to start somewhere.


        This little bird paid a visit while I was reading over at Incourage with Ann Voskamp today.
                                       I  thought this might look sweet behind it. 

                                                              Matthew 6:25,26 

                                 a photo of Little G in case you are wondering how she is
                                 We braved the Fl cold and went to her Yearly physical.
                                                                  We love her Dr.

                                                      We then got her glasses fixed.
                                                              Quite a productive day.
                                                            Of course if you are little G 
                                    no stressful day would be complete without French fries.


                                             I  hope this finds you and yours doing well.


  1. Just stopping by! I have hardly taken time for myself lately and, boy, does it show! I am inspired by your post to get my craft room organized! Someday, SOON!

  2. Caught up with your family this morning! :) Love all the glad you are making the time to create it! Love all the reading ideas....what great things you are putting in place. I would like to do some of those things also!!! Glad your little girl is doing so good...and that you got to spend time with the your big one in KS. Blessings, Jennifer


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