About me

What makes me smile:
My husband,
a good book (especially on a rainy day),
studying Gods word,
snuggling babies,
special time with my boys,
hot chocolate on a cold day/night,
antique roses,
girl time with my daughter
,my VW,
old quilts,
the smell of fresh baked bread
lavender/vanilla dryer sheets, (baby powder too...)
old photos,
sittin' in the swing with my hubby,
Audrey Hepburn movies,
warm socks,
fun shoes,


  1. Hi Anna, Couldn't find your email address and couldn't reply to your comment, so am using this way to reply to your comment:

    Hi Anna,
    Yes I made a red bird! And it did carry the color up and make sort of a triangle to tie everything in!
    have a great week ahead and thank you so much for visiting and commenting!
    I truly appreciate it!
    :^) patsy

    On Sun, Dec 4, 2011 at 7:04 AM, Anna wrote:
    Anna has left a new comment on your post "Paint Party Friday: Still Delighting in the Lord!":

    What do you think about adding the bird? If I did I would make it red to carry the color up from the flowers. I think that it is beautiful either way tho- it evokes childhood memories of just being happy "just cuz".

  2. Hi, Are the 3 Space Blues paintings still for sale? How about the Smurfs? I'm interested in prices. How can I contact you?

    1. Hi Jeb, I think the smurfs and space blues paintings you mention are on the website I mentioned, "where credit is due" on my July20,2010 post. That is another artists website/art. If you follow that link there is a contact me tab and a tab on the sidebar that will take you to the artists etsy site to purchase their artwork. The paintings I did with my daughter were for personal use and I am unsure how this artist can copy these cartoons to sell for profit. I hope this helps!

  3. Hey! I just found your blog through the Christian adoption link up. My husband and I are wanting to adopt one day. I look forward to following you blog and getting to know you better. I love how blogging can help you connect with people and I feel like I can learn a lot from families who are doing what I want to do one day.



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