Saturday, August 24, 2013

What I've been doing today

I ordered a new book a few weeks ago.
I intend on using it quite a bit.
It's over 600 pages and filled with recipes.
Since much of the information is new, and important,
I wanted a way to make it a tad bit more durable.

I used to purchase laminated bookcovers for paperbacks.
This was over ten years ago.
I called all our local book stores and office supply stores with no luck.
I then went to google and did some research.
I found them in quantities of 25 for $60-70
 but who needs that quantity?!

Being a creative girl,
 I thought I would figure out something on my own.
I had laminating pockets
 but you can't put a 600 page book in a laminating machine!
I thought Id recreate the process using an iron.

Here's how:

Grab your book, scissors, clear packing tape, two laminating pouches, your iron, ironing board, and a pillowcase. Plus a sheet of white copy paper.

Pull out your iron and set it on a medium heat, no steam.
Set up your ironing board and make sure you have a pressing cloth.
( I use a clean pillowcase.)

Next use clear packing tape on the spine.
This protects the spine and is flexible!
I placed two layers to be safe.
 Trim if necessary.
Doing this first encases the tape in the laminating film.

Next I opened a laminating pouch and placed the front cover inside.
I made sure there was a border to seal the cover properly.

 Place a sheet of white copy paper between the cover
 sandwiched in laminating film
 and the first page.
I didn't.

(See what happened, the heat transferred ink onto my cover. Oh well, Lesson learned) 

Place your clean pillowcase on top of your closed book and iron,
start in the top corner and work down
 like the laminating machine does -
to avoid bubbles and wrinkles
Check and continue this process until the page has turned clear
 and is sealed.

See how I have opened the book
 and done the inside of the cover as well?

(You might could try sealing the covers just using this step first to protect from ink transfer.)

Trim excess. (I leave a tiny bit so the page stays sealed)

Repeat on the back cover.

See how I have made sure the pocket has sealed the book cover inside?
Now you are set!

now you are ready to trim the back page.

Disclaimer: I can't guarantee the durability of this
but I feel pretty good about it!
 I've laminated things for school
and they are still working well.

It sure does beat having to order 25 book covers.
Or end up with a damaged book!
(I will keep you posted on my success using THM!)

Friday, August 9, 2013

Orientation and mobility day 3

Today marked the third day that we went out in public with Lil Gs cane.
I really let my apprehension build and posted a SOS on FB.
I'm glad to have a supportive community ready and willing to cheer us on.

We met at the mall at the perfect time,
It was about 11:30 and the mall wasn't too crowded since we had tax free shopping
Last weekend.
Most of the time Lil G didn't use her cane.
Ms Lisa is so smart, she just lets lil G call the shots
Basically she lets the adventure happen instead of forcing it.
I need to learn from her.
I always have an agenda and get frustrated easily.
I'm learning,
Lil G is a pretty good teacher.
I get caught up in
"There's so much we need to learn" mentality
And forget that half the fun is the trip!
As we walked along she asked Lil G about colors and smells
Letting her take in the whole experience.
Lil G has started yelling and making odd loud noises
to hear her echoes when we are out and about.
Drives me crazy.
( it's all me, worried about what others will think-
Typical 7 year olds are not doing this you know)
Ms Lisa doesn't even acknowledge it, I do okay until it gets the best of me.
Ugh. I guess it's frustrating because she does it when she knows its not allowed.
I was thankful that when the spinning started Ms Lisa was quick to get her to stop.

We had lunch while there.
We were able to get a little conversation in.
( I sometimes feel like I need to pay her to sit down with me and help me figure this stuff out)

She has sent us home with a new cane to try.
Shorter, folds up, has a red tip and what looks like a ping pong ball at the end.
We will use it some and see how it goes.