Friday, August 9, 2013

Orientation and mobility day 3

Today marked the third day that we went out in public with Lil Gs cane.
I really let my apprehension build and posted a SOS on FB.
I'm glad to have a supportive community ready and willing to cheer us on.

We met at the mall at the perfect time,
It was about 11:30 and the mall wasn't too crowded since we had tax free shopping
Last weekend.
Most of the time Lil G didn't use her cane.
Ms Lisa is so smart, she just lets lil G call the shots
Basically she lets the adventure happen instead of forcing it.
I need to learn from her.
I always have an agenda and get frustrated easily.
I'm learning,
Lil G is a pretty good teacher.
I get caught up in
"There's so much we need to learn" mentality
And forget that half the fun is the trip!
As we walked along she asked Lil G about colors and smells
Letting her take in the whole experience.
Lil G has started yelling and making odd loud noises
to hear her echoes when we are out and about.
Drives me crazy.
( it's all me, worried about what others will think-
Typical 7 year olds are not doing this you know)
Ms Lisa doesn't even acknowledge it, I do okay until it gets the best of me.
Ugh. I guess it's frustrating because she does it when she knows its not allowed.
I was thankful that when the spinning started Ms Lisa was quick to get her to stop.

We had lunch while there.
We were able to get a little conversation in.
( I sometimes feel like I need to pay her to sit down with me and help me figure this stuff out)

She has sent us home with a new cane to try.
Shorter, folds up, has a red tip and what looks like a ping pong ball at the end.
We will use it some and see how it goes.


  1. I'm so far behind...lost favorites when we had to give up on our previous computer..fighting technology battles. So today I finally get a moment to dig into my blog to find a comment from you and find my way back to your blog to check on you and your sweet girl. Caught all up. Gotta say...she's just as beautiful as ever to read about and see in pictures :) It's a hard road you are on, but oh how you are making such a difference. Loved reading about how she is learning some new things, things to help her grow in independence. And how you are learning new things, ways to help your girl the very best ways possible. You are an encouragement. Blessings, Jennifer (and I also have messed up my google pw and until I sort it out, gotta go anonymous!)

  2. Wow! Lots of new things to learn and do and experience. Lil G and you are so lucky to have each other. You are exactly what/who she needs and she was meant to be yours. God grant you patience and courage when you need it and always know that you are never alone. Blessings, Karen


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