Monday, July 29, 2013

The Pinterest "fail"

I don't know about you,
But I've got a list a mile long of things to try on pinterest.
A few days ago I thought it might be fun to whip up a recipe
"Glow in the dark flubber"
The recipe seemed easy enough,
Water, food coloring, glow in the dark paint, glue and borax.
I gathered all the supplies and had lil G come into the kitchen.
She happily drug her little red stool up to where I had everything set out and we got to work.
Measuring, and mixing.
It was a great time.
The sad part is that it was an epic fail.
It turned into a wet glob of goo.
Nothing like the picture.
I pulled it out and set it on a paper towel hoping it would drain the excess water out.
The whole time Lil G is exclaiming," ooooooh noooo!" On repeat.
(She doesn't like messes)
Needless to say it didn't dry out enough to play with so I pitched in the trash.
She was so happy that I didn't make her touch it,
When I told her she could get down she did with enthusiasm
And tore off running down the hallway.
" ooooooh noooo" " yuuuuuuuucky" as she went!
Hope this gives you a chuckle for today!


  1. Hahaha!!! I can totally, totally picture it. LOL Samantha would have been the same way about the mess. But I'm a little disappointed that you didn't photograph the goo and show the photo from Pinterest of how it was *supposed* to look... Sounds like a little bit of fun anyway. :-)

  2. Technically I belong to Pinterest and I have made one muffin recipe I found there, but all the crafty stuff? I already have too much crafty stuff to do that I'm not doing (I'm terribly behind on scrapbooking and hoping to get caught up when my little one starts kindergarten).

    All those Pinterest entries make it look so easy but then I wonder how many times they had to screw something up before they got a perfect result to put on there. :-)

  3. Funny story! I have my share of pinterest fails as well. I hope the texture boxes work out for you though, Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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