Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Crayola washable markers and tears

Today we met a milestone.
One I took for granted.
Child one, two , three.......
 No big deal.
But child number four.
It's all grace
Upon grace.
Baby steps.
The emotion lodging in my throat.
All because of crayola markers
And progress.
She has been enjoying our schedule
Asking,"color. Bus.yellow" After lunch today.
(We colored a school bus-
Hello Kitty riding safely to school yesterday)
She did it.
Took off the lid
Placed it on the barrel
And colored to her hearts content.
Then once she was done...
Try. Try. Try again.
Until success.
The lid was back in its proper place with a click.
Once she did it,
I refused to help.
Each time almost sitting on my hands to make sure I did the right thing
Let her work really hard
And feel the accomplishment
Of a job well done.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Living life.... Thanksgiving

I'm sure my readers,
Hello.... Is anyone out there?
I'm sure you've been wondering where we were.
No worries,
Just taking some time to regroup 
and focus on what is really important.
I'm afraid until we get my anemia resolved 
things will look like this.
A very tired mama.

Pretend there is a 
beautiful photo here *

While we were out of town for thanksgiving we met up with another family that I met from blogging
It was so nice to finally connect with Dawn and her beautiful crew!
She posted about the merriment today and i thought I could at least take 5 minutes and link up to her and let you know I will be back tomorrow because it will be Wednesday
And I will have knitting projects to share 
and a few book reviews to post.

*note: seems like Ive used up all of my storage in Google/ Picasa

I deleted my first blog today.

Today is the day.
I had imported my old blog over a year ago,
I was just waiting on the right time to click delete.
Such a sentimental girl........

If you start getting updates in your reader from old posts,
Well, I'm pretty sure you will......
I am trying to clean house.
Please forgive me.

If this doesn't free up storage space I will either quit blogging altogether
Or move to another server.
If you've experienced this,
Or have any advice Id love to hear a comment from you!
Off to get some knitting done!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Prayers needed for Aziza

I would post a photo here if blogger would let me:

Last night before bed I saw a post on my friends FB status.
Darling Aziza needs our prayers,
What started out spooking like a stomach bug 
Has turned their life upside down.
Presently Aziza is in ICU and has been fighting for her life.
If you could pay her a visit for me,
Spread some love?