Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Living life.... Thanksgiving

I'm sure my readers,
Hello.... Is anyone out there?
I'm sure you've been wondering where we were.
No worries,
Just taking some time to regroup 
and focus on what is really important.
I'm afraid until we get my anemia resolved 
things will look like this.
A very tired mama.

Pretend there is a 
beautiful photo here *

While we were out of town for thanksgiving we met up with another family that I met from blogging
It was so nice to finally connect with Dawn and her beautiful crew!
She posted about the merriment today and i thought I could at least take 5 minutes and link up to her and let you know I will be back tomorrow because it will be Wednesday
And I will have knitting projects to share 
and a few book reviews to post.

*note: seems like Ive used up all of my storage in Google/ Picasa

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  1. Enjoyed seeing the photos of you, Anna, with your family. Mothers tend to be the picture takers and are rarely seen! Great photos of all of you!


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