Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Busy Summer days

Blogging every day is surely a thing of the past.
I presently have a 7.5 year old that needs my care and guidance.
Oh how we prayed for this child, I can't let the days pass by and take it for granted.
My anemia seems to be doing much better so Im not feeling the need to stay home either.
Last week we went to a ball game with a friend. What a great time!
Lil G just loves, "baseball. Ball. Bat." She signs.
Another day we headed out to the library,
As an old school homeschool mom I spent many a day in the library.
I think all this business with her other diagnosis' has kept me off kilter,
Just enough to keep me from taking her to the library.
Once the realization came to mind, I set forth to rectify the situation!
( see photos below- she has her faithful friend Woody
and the pink Hello Kitty bag and umbrella, gifts from the previous night at the ballgame)

Not sure if I mentioned earlier but my oldest daughter that lives in KS came for a visit.
I thoroughly enjoyed her company
while she was here we went to the beach-
A yearly thing for me. Glad to have it marked off the list. Ha ha!
We also drove to Tampa and back, in three days no less! (8-9 hrs each way)
I'm getting too old for this I tell you!
They have the cutest wire haired dauschound . Kurt.
Lil G talks about their visit, " Ashley, Adam. Red car. Kurt. Black puppy."
Yes, they have driven the red car home Lil G.
Their new home far away in Ks.
(Photos saying goodbye below)

The day after big sister and boyfriend left we went to the hot air balloon festival.
I've always wanted to go.
I guess it's the artist, or child, in me.
It was spectacular!
Lil G would applaud as they set off in the sky.
Jumping up and down clapping with glee. " up! up! up!"
(See photos below)

We've been practicing our Braille.
Lil G seems to enjoy using the Perkins brailler.
She especially likes the ding of the bell at the end of each row.
While my daughter and I were together we made some things for teaching,
In case you've forgotten she is an autism resource officer.
I will share another day in detail.......
I'm not sure if I am going to let the handwriting practice take a back seat or not.
Lil G has limited energy and attention span.
She seems to pick everything up so easily.
I can't seem to understand why the handwriting practice seems so grueling.
Let me know if you have any ideas okay?
Off to get some rest,
As long as this faithful heating pad has done the trick!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

June 1- children's day in Ecuador

I think it's quite appropriate that today is children's day in Ecuador.
We received a card from our sponsored child via email.
The card is beautiful and uses her handprints to make a ballet skirt.
Caused my heart to smile because
Today is Little G's first recital after two years of dance.
She was adorable at rehearsal last night, would.not.come. Off. The. Stage!
I had to physically drag her off,All the moms loved it.
Even the strict Mrs Dorothy Lister hunted me out to tell me how cute she was,
It was all I could do to not sob,
You see your oldest daughter had dreams of becoming a ballet teacher,
She danced several hours per day through middle and high school.
We love Mrs Dorothy and never imagined back then
That we would have a little ballerina in the family again.

Break a leg little G!( and happy Children's Day!)