Saturday, June 1, 2013

June 1- children's day in Ecuador

I think it's quite appropriate that today is children's day in Ecuador.
We received a card from our sponsored child via email.
The card is beautiful and uses her handprints to make a ballet skirt.
Caused my heart to smile because
Today is Little G's first recital after two years of dance.
She was adorable at rehearsal last night, would.not.come. Off. The. Stage!
I had to physically drag her off,All the moms loved it.
Even the strict Mrs Dorothy Lister hunted me out to tell me how cute she was,
It was all I could do to not sob,
You see your oldest daughter had dreams of becoming a ballet teacher,
She danced several hours per day through middle and high school.
We love Mrs Dorothy and never imagined back then
That we would have a little ballerina in the family again.

Break a leg little G!( and happy Children's Day!)

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