Tuesday, May 21, 2013

While she is napping

Spring has been a season of growth and change in our home.
Some one appears to be getting taller,
I look forward to seeing how much she has grown
During her well check on Thursday.
She is scheduled to have blood drawn to check her anti- seizure meds
we will also be checking her thyroid and vitamin D levels.
I'm not sure if we will add more to the list at the pediatricians request or not.
I do have concerns since someone has been catching everything that goes around,
She doesn't put her hands in her mouth and we wash our hands frequently.
She has also been very thirsty and having to potty quite frequently,
Of course I realize both go hand in hand. I'm not overly concerned but when added together
They could all be symptoms of other issues that would need to be diagnosed.

Having therapy 3 days a week has been pretty grueling.
If she was compliant it wouldn't be so tiring,
She gets very excited,
Talks about her teacher, talks about school,
Is happy to see her teacher at the office when we check in
Walks down the hallway with a spring in her step.
The minute she walks into the room things change quite dramatically.
Night and day.
She does seem to prefer some of the teachers over others,
Understandably so, her OT is very firm and has a strong accent.
Husband and I are concerned that she doesn't understand her easily
and wonder if she finds it frustrating. She also talks a lot.
Repeating instructions over and over and over.
At home I make a request and wait for her to decide to cooperate.
I doesn't even take 20 seconds for Lil G to decide to do what is asked of her.
But the OT keeps on and on, then grabbing hands and trying to force her to do the task.
Lil G has a few tasks that are very difficult for her, it's hard for me to watch her try, and fail repeatedly, then get angry. I don't know what the answers are, if there are any.

We love love love the Vision Therapist.
She is soft spoken and very deliberate about things.
I am so sad we will miss this Friday with her
We will be attending a Parents of Blind Children conference together.
I hope to meet new people and learn new things.
Two of the ladies have been very supportive.
There is child are available, I am hoping all goes well.
I have already given papa the responsibility of checking up on her,
Sneaking out to possibly give her nap time etc.
The two of them really are as Forrest Gump woud say," like peas and carrots".
I am hoping this trip will give him a much needed break from work responsibilities.

We've also learned about a 2 week summer program in July.
The BELL program was developed by the NFB
for students to have intense Braille training each summer.
I've talked with the director of the program in Atlanta and feel like it would be an incredible opportunity for Lil G. It would be a hard two weeks tho, it runs from 9-3:30 each day and we will be staying a good drive outside town with my parents. I need to figure out what time we would have to leave each day to see if its physically possible. My babysitter has even offered to travel with us to be a mommys helper.

I hope this finds you and yours doing well.


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