Friday, May 10, 2013

First vision therapy lesson

Grace met with her TVI for the first time today.
The teacher and I have e-mailed
and talked on the phone a few times since her first evaluation in Nov
And second assessments in February.
I was apprehensive.
I wasn't sure if we were on the same page,
And frankly I've been concerned at what this would look like.
My love of learning and desire to "get it right" sometimes set me up for unmet expectations-

Lil G has had three weeks in her therapy classes and this was the first with the TVI.
There are only 2 in our whole county. She teaches preK- 12th grade.
I love her quiet demeanor and walked away from our session today
Happy, proud, and excited about our future.
I could tell she put thought and effort into planning our time together.
Here are some photos of the folder she created for us.
It has slots for homework and forms to return
and a notebook for me to write down questions/ ideas.

She let Grace try out some special hi lighters and paper for children to draw on with visual impairment. The water in the ink actually causes the paper to swell like a sponge -
You can feel the picture!
She also sent home a stylus and slate for Lil G and I to play with
to work on strengthening her fingers and feeling the Braille dots.
Most importantly we are trying to get Lil G used to using her fingers
Loosing some of her apprehension at feeling things.
Lil G also got a sticker! A green smiley face that is tactile! She was so proud.

I brought some of Lil Gs new books in with us
so she could see what we are using at home.
I purchased Braille alphabet stickers to put in a few of her favorite books
It was fun to have someone appreciate what I was doing.

Once we arrived home and ate lunch
Lil G walked out, laid her head in my lap and whispered,"come on. Come on" grabbed my hand,
Signed,tired. Bed. Then said,"nap". I asked, "Are you tired? You want a nap?"
She loudly exclaimed AND signed " yeah!" Yes.
She ran to her room and climbed in her bed. Therapy is hard work!

Here are some photos:

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