Wednesday, May 8, 2013

If you can't say something nice.....

We've been picking one foot up and putting it down in front of the other.
I haven't blogged because:
A. It requires effort and thought.
B. I don't want to be a downer. I've been trying to keep things upbeat over here.

I thought Id just be real. I know I feel better knowing " I'm not the only one"

Our 13.5 year old Great Dane finally had to be taken to the vet to say good bye. I had hoped she would pass in her sleep. Couldn't bear to let it get worse. Very hard decision. It's been a week now and I hate the forgetting and remembering process- waiting for her when letting the other dogs out. Seeing her bed empty. You know......

Then lil G came down with a stomach bug that night. I'm sorry, I don't like nursing bad tummies. It takes my control way out of my hands. Nothing I can do to fix it. I hate that.

We started her speech and language, OT, and vision therapies after the lengthy evaluation process. I thonk thats where weve been getting the tummy bugs. I am trying to focus on the good. Really I am. It's hard. I will share the worksheet G's speech and language teacher did with, I mean for her. Was the handwriting there for G's benefit? For me to read the prompts? You see-

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  1. Such a beautiful daughter! I am not normally a blog reader, my friends say I'm a blog snob, but I saw your comment about Katie on another blog and was intrigued by your comment about language development. My husband and I have five children, three of whom are by adoption and are also deaf. I'm a deaf ed teacher and he works in full time orphan care advocacy. Anyway, language development is all I do all day, so I was curious.
    Then I was shocked. I can't believe she was given a worksheet on her first day. I will admit I've not worked with VI students, but even I know enough to know to start concrete. I'm so sorry that your precious daughter was given less than she deserves. I truly hope the services improve so her world can continue to open up.

    And I'm sorry if I've been blunt. I spent three good years of my life fighting our former school district, my employer, to try to get appropriate services for our deaf daughter. Sometime the advocate in me just comes out.


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