Friday, September 12, 2008


It seems that things are always changing.The seasons bring anticipation of change. I am looking forward to Fall with its cooler breezes and family traditions and ready to get past the summer heat and threat of hurricanes.

We grow older, hopefully wiser, and watch those around us doing the same thing. Our families are changing in size and shape. Babies being born, the joy of new life, schooling and hobbies, teenagers learning to drive, graduation, college, marriages, (Yes already a married daughter!) Hurricanes and other natural disasters, Aging and health problems.........And death. Sometimes these changes can take your breath away. If you aren't careful they just sneak up on you! I have experienced the good and the bad just like everyone walking and breathing on this planet. But how will I survive all this change. By changing- remaining balanced. I must take care of my whole self. We have Physical, Emotional and Spiritual parts that must be cared for to remain healthy. As everything around me is constantly must I. Now where to begin?