Thursday, December 4, 2008

Blessings raining down on us!

Okay, so last week wasnt very fun. I stayed optomistic and felt like we must be doing something right for things to go so wrong. My son found out that he missed his student loan deadline. I was sitting there with him and didnt know there was a deadline! But there it was on the paper he signed. So we would have to pay off that short term loan before we could get a stafford loan and apply for classes. Then he was in an accident and wrecked my car and a huge deducatable!
So, Yesterday he came home with word that he recieved a scholarship to cover last semester and this next semester!!! YEA! Im so proud of him, it really is hard for teenagers to decide what they want to be/ do!
Things are going great on the adoption front. Met with the director from the adoption agency and things went well. We are trying to decide how to do the fundraising and get the mound of paperwork done to bring her home! A friend e-mailed me that she had 35,00 frequent flyer miles geting ready to expire and Ive heard that may be enough to buy 1 round trip ticket to Ecuador! So I guess we are going! Ha ha! Quito or bust!