Friday, April 27, 2012

Ring bearer pillow- Done!

The ring bearer pillow is DONE!

All three flower girl dresses are done to some extent.
Lil G has tried hers on and its been altered.
The twins have to try theirs on before I can sew the top to the bodice.
It sounds easy,
 but with 8 layers of gathered tulle,
 a layer of gathered netting,
two layers of gathered chiffon.
(yes that is for each dress)
Its not fun.
The pattern said to sew one gathering stitch -
to gather it all at once.
but the measurements given werent the same.
So that was not possible.
If Id realized that in advance I wouldve adjusted the amts for each
oh well.
The lists are long and seem hard/ or do-able
 given how much sleep I got the previous night.
I have the order ready to place for the flowers.
I think buttonieres are next.

Under His wings,

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wedding plans and birthday cake

This will be my first post on the "new blogger". 
Let's see how it goes.
 It's been quite some time since I posted.
 You will have to forgive me but this girl is spread pretty thin.


 I've been sick with my allergies for now three weeks. 
 I've started my special inhalers in addition to my "rescue" one. 
That is the reason I am up at 12:30 when I really should be sleeping. 
In addition to not feeling 100%
 I've been working to get my a Sons homeschooling in order for him to graduate in May.
 Then we can't forget all of the wedding plans. 
I know I am the mother of the groom this time but I felt the need to help 
With decorations and pulling together what the bride had in mind -
plus helping her do it on a budget.
 I also have a special little someone that I feel the need to play with 
and give attention every now and again. 

I have asked for help in preparing the food for the rehearsal dinner
 and have tried delegating a bit. 
It's hard for me when I have a vision artistically to let go.
 I am hoping it will all come together nicely. 
The sweet thing about it is that I have done this before-
I was pleased with what I had done.
 Then to know that no matter what, they will be married at the end of the day. 
I have warned family that I might need extra grace.
 Its a blessing when God goes before you and prepares the way. 

One flower girl dress done. 
 I only did lil Gs dress first because she doesn't really wear a standard size. 
 I love that about her. 
I love her beautiful straight back and square shoulders.
 I need to alter it even after taking an inch out of the bodice.
 You could see her glow when we told her how pretty she was.
 She kept Fluffing the tulle skirt and signing white dress. 
 Very sweet. 
 The bride was pleased to see it on her. 
Today was oldest daughters 24th birthday. 
Home made pizza and family time.
 A great combination.
 I will take lots of photos.
 If I'm MIA don't worry
. I will catch you up.

 Everyone loves a beautiful wedding!
Under His wings,\

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dance class

Imagine my excitement to read that there is a documentary
a film about dance,
and some individuals sporting "a little extra"
This dance team is based in Memphis.

If youve been around us very long you will know
I LOVE dance
there is something about a young man or woman that has spent hours
training their body and mind
to perform
the classical music
Swan lake,
the Nurcracker.....

Tuesdays are our favorite day of the week,
I know lil G and I both
look forward to
the safety we have found
at the dance studio on Palafox Street.

As we climb the stairs,
waiting at the top are people
young and old alike
that accept us right where we are.
me with my extra weight
and lil G with her extra chromosome.
I want to think that they look past the "extra"
and see us as "just right".

Many days there are little girls squealing with delight
and cheering lil G on as she works hard
step by step
to get to the top of the stairs.

And I cant help but sometimes remember
where we came from

how hard she worked to just walk on uneven surfaces
and how we cheered her on
step by step.......

Its like glancing in the rearview mirror
but keeping your focus on what is ahead
knowing where you are going~

and what is on the road behind you are the landmarks
of where you once were.....

Ive said many a time.....
ANY shoes lil G has on are her dancing shoes!

We are so thankful for this place,
the people
our friends......
there is a lot of learning going on
on at Dorothys Dance
and Mrs Shawna isnt the only one doing the teaching.

if you have time on your hands
I also found this video on Sprout
while I was looking at the one that started this whole post.....

it really touched my heart.
This was filmed in Spain.
I dont know if we will be able to find this kind of community for Lil G......
for now....
I know I appreciate the community we have found here
we all need community
a place to belong.....

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Take a peek through my rose colored glasses

I thought I would share some Easter photos.
These are some of the good ones.
There were over 200 on my camera.

Not sure what she was thinking here

this one looks pretty good ......

with the freezer cropped out of it!
Im not laughing.
It was only 10 years old.
I am thankful my teenager was home
when we went camping.
He was able to cram its contents in the other freezer.
except my fancy flours
and the wheat.

Let me tell you, I can not get enough of this little girl.
The shock still hasnt worn off
from a week old comment.
Then to have a similar incident
at church on Easter Sunday.
I wanted to "snatch a knot in those little girls tails"
as my mama used to put it.
That they would have the nerve to sit in the seats in front of us
and point and laugh.
You see, I forget others see her differences
and instead of seeing the beauty in it
their vision is tainted by society.

I will keep my rose colored glasses thank-you-very much.

My future Daughter in law.
She didnt even know I was taking her picture.
Love her....
Love it.

One of my sons,
teaching his little sister how to play ball.
Beautiful fresh air, family, good food........

cant get any better than that!
Under His wings,

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New camera adventures!

Adventure is a good excuse
to get a girl like me motivated
to do hard things.
I mentioned I dont like installing software.
But It was pretty simple.
Just click a yes- or two
click a next- or two.
like the little engine that could.....
downhill from here
I wish.
SOOO much to learn.
Enjoy the unedited pics.
cuz I dont really know where to begin.

(Lil G playing on the up-down. )

it was amazing that she called it that
thats what she calls the parachute in ballet class!

doggies are good candidates for photos!

A photo that didnt have to be rotated
Before being uploaded-

Monday, April 9, 2012

Uploading photos and software

I figured I had some time while Lil G is napping
and the bread is rising in the oven.
( I LOVE typing that sentence)
I mean, with all the spare time I have on my hands
I havent made bread in YEARS.
Husband saw a recipe on Food N*twork
Weve had the inredients for two weeks.
I felt like showering him with some grace today.

Speaking of which,
we played outside all day
the past 3 days.
It has been incredible.

I mentioned last week that we had a new camera
residing in the humble abode.
I have taken pictures
read the little booklets
taken more pictures
Worn it around my neck all yesterday
deleted pictures,
played with knobs.

I must admit its been quite fun.
I havent managed to upload the 2CDs
that came in the box
I dont know their contents
I also feel apprehensive about
uploading aforementioned photos
onto the computer.
Some of them.
Maybe 2-3 out of the couple hundred on it
might actually be good
I dont know why the apprehension of seeing them up close and personal
instead of a little 2X4in screen.
Im funny that way.
Give me something new,
plan something like a rehearsal dinner
or tell someone their words were offensive
try a new knitting stitch,
paint in a new journal,
Teach an art class in a new setting.
I freeze up.
Turn it into something huge.
All the whatifs keeping me feeling small.
Im hoping tonight,
husband or son,
will read the book and figure out what is what
So I can connect the cable and click upload.
For now,
you get Easter Photos from the point n shoot.
not very many.
taken during the brunch our church has each year.
(the memory card was at home-
in the new camera!)


Friday, April 6, 2012

whats going on in my "studio"

I wanted to share what Ive been doing with my art recently.
Im not sure if you remember but I work for VSA arts.
Ive been blessed to be able to work with this organization for ten years
Most years when I teach I work with students in the Juvenile Justice system.
This year I was able to work in a joint effort between VSA and Special Olympics.
It was so much fun!!!

My daughter, who also works with VSA,
my teenage son and his girlfriend
came to help.

I was thrilled for My daughters boyfriend
and my husband-along with Lil G
to be able to join in on the day.

Lastly I have a little painting I did in my new Art Journal
I was so inspired on Palm Sunday
This image would not fade away in my mind.
So on Monday I got out my paints and this is what I ended up with
I might have to do a large painting of this.
I loved the greens,
the vibrant red
and I used gold paint
with shimmer in it.
So much meaning in all of it.....

I hope that you enjoy it.......

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

knit along and a book review

Its been a long time since Ive joined in with the Knit along.
I am still knitting.
I havent posted about it recently
but its a passion.
I take an our or so before bed each night to knit
Coming in the home stretch with my
stained glass window shawl.
Since it grows with each knit row
The last rows always take an eternity.
I think I have ten more knit rows to go- at this rate another month
I shouldnt have done the math- giggle.

I also enjoy reading and review books for Bethany Publishers.
The latest two reviews are for

"My own worst enemy- how to stop holding yourself back" Is worthy of 5 stars. If youve read many of my reviews you will see that I dont like to give that value for a book I like. It really has to be something for me to award it 5 out of 5 stars. I must admit I was a little apprehensive about reading this book. I have been in the church for long enough to know that the same words that were documented to help us on our journey can and will be used to hit us upside the head in judgement. There are many areas of my life that I struggle with allowing those words onace used against me to keep me from being and doing all that I was created to be. The author has studied the historical background of the stories documented in our Bibles and gives us a new understanding. I really appreciated the effort she went to to not just paraphrase or twist the stories to fit into the point she was trying to make. She also uses her own personal story and those that she has counseled. (read her bio- since I know and love someone training to be a spiritual director I valued her writings.) Typically I grow bored of other's stories being used as examples in books. It seems as though the author wants to prove the point by choosing the worst case scenario and miraculous recovery by doing the 5 step methods they present. I have found in my own life that its not that easy and walk away feeling belittled or like my own situation is minimized. The author does not do this in her book. I often donate the books I read once I am done reading them, saving only the best to keep on my overflowing bookshelves. This book is a keeper.

"Angels are for real " Judith Mac Nutt wrote this book to document her own personal experiences as well as others' stories about angels.(and teach what Gods word says about them!) I do believe in angels and know without a doubt in my mind that God uses them in our lives. (the reason I chose this book to review) I am not sure what it was about this book that did not hold my attention. I found myself skimming across the testimonies and felt that it was just too much reading to get to the point of the chapters. Please remember that this is my personal review of this book and that other reviews have given it 4 and 5 stars. You might want to read this book if its a topic you enjoy and want to learn more about- I am not a biblical scholar so I cannot attest to the accuracy of what is taught in this book as truth. I was only able to give this book two stars.

Thank you to Bethany House for the review copies of these books. The opinions expressed here are completely my own and I receive no compensation for my reviews.

If youve hung in here through this whole post
thank you.
I am off to go play with my new toy.
Yesterday my daughter purchased a gift for me.
Something I have been wanting/ waiting for-

its been years that I have wanted a new camera.
I dropped our point n shoot last year and had to go get a new one
I really felt like this Kodak easyshare with 18 megapixels is good enough.
I really thought I would wait a few more years
before having a new camera would move back up the list
But she felt a deep desire to repay money I had given her-
with no expectations of ever seeing it again.
I am humbled.
Maybe in the next month or so you will be able to see the change!!
(I read through the books in the box and didnt feel smarter afterward)
The awesome thing about this purchase is
she knew I wanted to purchase it from the local camera shop.
Not the big box store.
So.... when I decide that I am ready I can go in and get a free 1 hour lesson!
I wanted to study/ play for awhile so I would have real questions to ask in that hour.
Not, here is the on button, here is your battery,
see this- its the lens
heres how you put it on and take it off types of things.......
on Friday I will share what Ive been doing in my new journal.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesdays are for......

For many years my Tuesday mornings are for WOW moms Bible study,
I cam home to eat lunch with Lil G
and do some "school work"
before laying her down for a short nap.
Then its off to ballet.
I just wanted to share some photos.
A package arrived in the mail yesterday

Grace was chosen by Mission Ipossible.
see the button on the sidebar.

I hate this is blurry.
I couldnt click delete.
Lil G Kept reaching up and hugging big sister.

We werent able to get many apps.
I shopped around yesterday.
If you have any hints or pointers wed love the help.
I did go to since they have
some great apps for free for Autism Awareness month.

I am almost giddy with excitement -
no, I AM giddy with excitement.
This is huge.
Take a peek over at Mission iPossible.
Incredible things are happening -
for incredible little ones.

Under His wings,