Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dance class

Imagine my excitement to read that there is a documentary
a film about dance,
and some individuals sporting "a little extra"
This dance team is based in Memphis.

If youve been around us very long you will know
I LOVE dance
there is something about a young man or woman that has spent hours
training their body and mind
to perform
the classical music
Swan lake,
the Nurcracker.....

Tuesdays are our favorite day of the week,
I know lil G and I both
look forward to
the safety we have found
at the dance studio on Palafox Street.

As we climb the stairs,
waiting at the top are people
young and old alike
that accept us right where we are.
me with my extra weight
and lil G with her extra chromosome.
I want to think that they look past the "extra"
and see us as "just right".

Many days there are little girls squealing with delight
and cheering lil G on as she works hard
step by step
to get to the top of the stairs.

And I cant help but sometimes remember
where we came from

how hard she worked to just walk on uneven surfaces
and how we cheered her on
step by step.......

Its like glancing in the rearview mirror
but keeping your focus on what is ahead
knowing where you are going~

and what is on the road behind you are the landmarks
of where you once were.....

Ive said many a time.....
ANY shoes lil G has on are her dancing shoes!

We are so thankful for this place,
the people
our friends......
there is a lot of learning going on
on at Dorothys Dance
and Mrs Shawna isnt the only one doing the teaching.

if you have time on your hands
I also found this video on Sprout
while I was looking at the one that started this whole post.....

it really touched my heart.
This was filmed in Spain.
I dont know if we will be able to find this kind of community for Lil G......
for now....
I know I appreciate the community we have found here
we all need community
a place to belong.....


  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful video, Anna! Beauty transforms everyone, doesn't it? And I never get tired of seeing your sweet girl in her tutu and slippers :)

  2. Aaww....lovely :) So glad she is finding her place there. Thank you for sharing the video. Blessings, Jennifer


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