Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wedding plans and birthday cake

This will be my first post on the "new blogger". 
Let's see how it goes.
 It's been quite some time since I posted.
 You will have to forgive me but this girl is spread pretty thin.


 I've been sick with my allergies for now three weeks. 
 I've started my special inhalers in addition to my "rescue" one. 
That is the reason I am up at 12:30 when I really should be sleeping. 
In addition to not feeling 100%
 I've been working to get my a Sons homeschooling in order for him to graduate in May.
 Then we can't forget all of the wedding plans. 
I know I am the mother of the groom this time but I felt the need to help 
With decorations and pulling together what the bride had in mind -
plus helping her do it on a budget.
 I also have a special little someone that I feel the need to play with 
and give attention every now and again. 

I have asked for help in preparing the food for the rehearsal dinner
 and have tried delegating a bit. 
It's hard for me when I have a vision artistically to let go.
 I am hoping it will all come together nicely. 
The sweet thing about it is that I have done this before-
I was pleased with what I had done.
 Then to know that no matter what, they will be married at the end of the day. 
I have warned family that I might need extra grace.
 Its a blessing when God goes before you and prepares the way. 

One flower girl dress done. 
 I only did lil Gs dress first because she doesn't really wear a standard size. 
 I love that about her. 
I love her beautiful straight back and square shoulders.
 I need to alter it even after taking an inch out of the bodice.
 You could see her glow when we told her how pretty she was.
 She kept Fluffing the tulle skirt and signing white dress. 
 Very sweet. 
 The bride was pleased to see it on her. 
Today was oldest daughters 24th birthday. 
Home made pizza and family time.
 A great combination.
 I will take lots of photos.
 If I'm MIA don't worry
. I will catch you up.

 Everyone loves a beautiful wedding!
Under His wings,\

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  1. Nice to have you back friend, if only momentary.Your life is full and beautiful and if we don't hear form you, we know you are busy living it.

    Such blessings are surrounding you these days and so many more to come.

    Much love from California. And the Allergies, boy do I hear you. # inhalers a day for me. Geesh.


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