Monday, April 9, 2012

Uploading photos and software

I figured I had some time while Lil G is napping
and the bread is rising in the oven.
( I LOVE typing that sentence)
I mean, with all the spare time I have on my hands
I havent made bread in YEARS.
Husband saw a recipe on Food N*twork
Weve had the inredients for two weeks.
I felt like showering him with some grace today.

Speaking of which,
we played outside all day
the past 3 days.
It has been incredible.

I mentioned last week that we had a new camera
residing in the humble abode.
I have taken pictures
read the little booklets
taken more pictures
Worn it around my neck all yesterday
deleted pictures,
played with knobs.

I must admit its been quite fun.
I havent managed to upload the 2CDs
that came in the box
I dont know their contents
I also feel apprehensive about
uploading aforementioned photos
onto the computer.
Some of them.
Maybe 2-3 out of the couple hundred on it
might actually be good
I dont know why the apprehension of seeing them up close and personal
instead of a little 2X4in screen.
Im funny that way.
Give me something new,
plan something like a rehearsal dinner
or tell someone their words were offensive
try a new knitting stitch,
paint in a new journal,
Teach an art class in a new setting.
I freeze up.
Turn it into something huge.
All the whatifs keeping me feeling small.
Im hoping tonight,
husband or son,
will read the book and figure out what is what
So I can connect the cable and click upload.
For now,
you get Easter Photos from the point n shoot.
not very many.
taken during the brunch our church has each year.
(the memory card was at home-
in the new camera!)


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