Wednesday, April 4, 2012

knit along and a book review

Its been a long time since Ive joined in with the Knit along.
I am still knitting.
I havent posted about it recently
but its a passion.
I take an our or so before bed each night to knit
Coming in the home stretch with my
stained glass window shawl.
Since it grows with each knit row
The last rows always take an eternity.
I think I have ten more knit rows to go- at this rate another month
I shouldnt have done the math- giggle.

I also enjoy reading and review books for Bethany Publishers.
The latest two reviews are for

"My own worst enemy- how to stop holding yourself back" Is worthy of 5 stars. If youve read many of my reviews you will see that I dont like to give that value for a book I like. It really has to be something for me to award it 5 out of 5 stars. I must admit I was a little apprehensive about reading this book. I have been in the church for long enough to know that the same words that were documented to help us on our journey can and will be used to hit us upside the head in judgement. There are many areas of my life that I struggle with allowing those words onace used against me to keep me from being and doing all that I was created to be. The author has studied the historical background of the stories documented in our Bibles and gives us a new understanding. I really appreciated the effort she went to to not just paraphrase or twist the stories to fit into the point she was trying to make. She also uses her own personal story and those that she has counseled. (read her bio- since I know and love someone training to be a spiritual director I valued her writings.) Typically I grow bored of other's stories being used as examples in books. It seems as though the author wants to prove the point by choosing the worst case scenario and miraculous recovery by doing the 5 step methods they present. I have found in my own life that its not that easy and walk away feeling belittled or like my own situation is minimized. The author does not do this in her book. I often donate the books I read once I am done reading them, saving only the best to keep on my overflowing bookshelves. This book is a keeper.

"Angels are for real " Judith Mac Nutt wrote this book to document her own personal experiences as well as others' stories about angels.(and teach what Gods word says about them!) I do believe in angels and know without a doubt in my mind that God uses them in our lives. (the reason I chose this book to review) I am not sure what it was about this book that did not hold my attention. I found myself skimming across the testimonies and felt that it was just too much reading to get to the point of the chapters. Please remember that this is my personal review of this book and that other reviews have given it 4 and 5 stars. You might want to read this book if its a topic you enjoy and want to learn more about- I am not a biblical scholar so I cannot attest to the accuracy of what is taught in this book as truth. I was only able to give this book two stars.

Thank you to Bethany House for the review copies of these books. The opinions expressed here are completely my own and I receive no compensation for my reviews.

If youve hung in here through this whole post
thank you.
I am off to go play with my new toy.
Yesterday my daughter purchased a gift for me.
Something I have been wanting/ waiting for-

its been years that I have wanted a new camera.
I dropped our point n shoot last year and had to go get a new one
I really felt like this Kodak easyshare with 18 megapixels is good enough.
I really thought I would wait a few more years
before having a new camera would move back up the list
But she felt a deep desire to repay money I had given her-
with no expectations of ever seeing it again.
I am humbled.
Maybe in the next month or so you will be able to see the change!!
(I read through the books in the box and didnt feel smarter afterward)
The awesome thing about this purchase is
she knew I wanted to purchase it from the local camera shop.
Not the big box store.
So.... when I decide that I am ready I can go in and get a free 1 hour lesson!
I wanted to study/ play for awhile so I would have real questions to ask in that hour.
Not, here is the on button, here is your battery,
see this- its the lens
heres how you put it on and take it off types of things.......
on Friday I will share what Ive been doing in my new journal.


  1. Ooooh, how exciting!! What kind of camera did you get? Can't wait to hear what you learn with it. :-)

  2. Can't wait to see your journal :) Thanks for the reviews, too, I'm always adding to a list of titles to read over the summer.


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