Friday, April 27, 2012

Ring bearer pillow- Done!

The ring bearer pillow is DONE!

All three flower girl dresses are done to some extent.
Lil G has tried hers on and its been altered.
The twins have to try theirs on before I can sew the top to the bodice.
It sounds easy,
 but with 8 layers of gathered tulle,
 a layer of gathered netting,
two layers of gathered chiffon.
(yes that is for each dress)
Its not fun.
The pattern said to sew one gathering stitch -
to gather it all at once.
but the measurements given werent the same.
So that was not possible.
If Id realized that in advance I wouldve adjusted the amts for each
oh well.
The lists are long and seem hard/ or do-able
 given how much sleep I got the previous night.
I have the order ready to place for the flowers.
I think buttonieres are next.

Under His wings,


  1. What a huge amount of work! And no, sewing that many flower girl dresses does NOT sound easy!

  2. Oh my goodness... you are doing so much! That is just so awesome of you and I am sure it is so appreciated! The pillow is so sweet! When is the wedding? :)

  3. Hi Anna! Just stopping in to say happy mother's day!


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