Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Take a peek through my rose colored glasses

I thought I would share some Easter photos.
These are some of the good ones.
There were over 200 on my camera.

Not sure what she was thinking here

this one looks pretty good ......

with the freezer cropped out of it!
Im not laughing.
It was only 10 years old.
I am thankful my teenager was home
when we went camping.
He was able to cram its contents in the other freezer.
except my fancy flours
and the wheat.

Let me tell you, I can not get enough of this little girl.
The shock still hasnt worn off
from a week old comment.
Then to have a similar incident
at church on Easter Sunday.
I wanted to "snatch a knot in those little girls tails"
as my mama used to put it.
That they would have the nerve to sit in the seats in front of us
and point and laugh.
You see, I forget others see her differences
and instead of seeing the beauty in it
their vision is tainted by society.

I will keep my rose colored glasses thank-you-very much.

My future Daughter in law.
She didnt even know I was taking her picture.
Love her....
Love it.

One of my sons,
teaching his little sister how to play ball.
Beautiful fresh air, family, good food........

cant get any better than that!
Under His wings,


  1. Oh, you got a t-ball set!!! How fun!

    Love the photos, and how you've captured *feelings.* I'm so sorry about the comments/laughing you experienced. Unbelievable. I feel sorry for the ones that did it, though - they are the ones wearing blinders to true beauty, both inside and out. I hope they learn what that really is one day.

    1. becca, yes we got a T ball set for Easter!!! I think the bat is too heavy. Gonna look around at our options. Yeah, I will say some prayers at how to talk to little ones about Grace, she has eyes and ears and feelings.....

  2. She IS absolutely precious, Anna. The picture of your son helping her hit the ball--PRICELESS!!! (And just for the record, I would help you "yank a knot" in some tails if I could!!!;)) My Grandma used the same phrase on us when we were growing up!

    1. ;) wink. I LOVE that picture. Nathen is a.dor.a.ble with her. I mean, it pushes me over the edge seeing my tough guy love on lil sis. I will keep praying on how/what to say to little ones that havent been taught better.

  3. Such a beautiful girl and wonderful photos! I know exactly how you feel sometimes...I took my special angel out recently and a little girl walked right up to him and said, " You look silly".. It broke my heart :( But he didn't know and just kept smiling at her. He's always my example of unconditional love. Thanks for sharing about your princess!

  4. I hate it when you hear the yucky things....but it seems if someone wants to be hurtful, they will find most anything to bring someone else down, special need or not. I'm tired of all my kids hearing "junk". The 50% who don't go to public school seem to get as much of it as the others...which would mean, since they hang out with friends who are "Christian" kids, they are getting it from the Christian kids (cringe). Somehow along the way, many of us are missing the point- just treat others as you want be treated. And if it's so hard to imagine a little boy or girl with DS or other mental related difference would "notice" being made fun of, at least think about the feelings of the people with them who love them. Geez. It's not rocket science. So glad He has given so many of us those "rose-colored glasses"....let's just keep on wearing them!!! :) Blessings, Jennifer


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