Sunday, October 13, 2013

Kitting projects - and a book review

QI've been getting some baby knitting done. 
The babies have been born and I am still knitting away. 
The first outfit was a beautiful variegated blue/ purple.
My best friend from high school, and my maid of honor 26 years ago, just had her first Grandbaby.
I babysat for her and vice versa when we were young married folks.
It's hard to believe her daughter is now married and has a daughter of her own.
The baby looks so much like her mama did.
If you are on Ravelry the pattern I used is called Helena.

While I was knitting that sweater I was also reading the books  " Splitting Harriet"  by Tamara Leigh and  " A simple change" by Judith Miller.

I will start with my review for "splitting Harriet".
It was a great quick read!
I loved the main character.
She is a preachers daughter and now trying to reconcile the mistakes she made in her past
And how they affect her now. Of course we learn from our mistakes but they are NOT who we are.
It is a huge lesson that each of us have to learn.
Unless we are perfect! Since I don't have any experience in perfection I can't speak on that topic. Can I repeat, I  loved the main character- she is so spunky and young-this was such a great read. The church politics and a few other situations gave me some perspective in my own life.  I just love the author Tamara Leigh and recommend her writing! Thank you to Waterbrook Multnomah for the opportunity to review this book.I was provided a copy for review purposes but in no way compensated for this review. The opinion expressed here is completely my own.

 The second review is for a book called "A simple change" by Judith Miller. I thought this was going to be another Amish story but was surprised to find she had written about the Amana colony. My daughter has lived out in KS for a little over a year so I was intrigued to read this book and found myself checking the mailbox for its arrival. I was not disappointed. This book dealt with many life situations that we all deal with, maybe with different names. Health issues with close family members and how we are going to Deal with it emotionally and physically. Aging parents,Career choices, and loyalty to friends and family to name a few. Since my children are now in the midst of these situations- trying to figure out their life calling, figuring out their faith for themselves, and moving cross country many of the topics resonated with me. If you are looking for a historical novel this would be a good choice.

Thank you to Bethany House Publishing for the opportunity to read and review this book.I was provided a copy for review purposes but in no way compensated for this review. The opinion expressed here is completely my own.

The next little baby hand knit was a dress and hat.
I have never held a baby under 6 lbs so I kept worrying this would be too small.
The mama told me she would be approx 6 lbs so I knit accordingly.
The baby was born weighing 5 lb and 6 oz. !
She has been in the hospital since she was five days old.
She is one very sick little girl.
Pneumonia, MRSA, and at one time we were praying because it seemed she would need a lung transplant.
I am not sure if this is still the case or not.

I've just completed another baby sweater that also has a leaf motif on the neck and is knit from the neck down. I have enjoyed how this sweater has knit up. Very easy knit for sure!
I am going to cast on for a little hat since this baby lives in Colorado. I know a hat will come in handy.
She came a month early so I am behind the 8 ball on this one!

Next I will start a 9 month sized sweater for my cousins little girl.
She was born late Spring and lives in Florida.
I wanted to wait until closer to the time she would be wearing it to actually knit it.
Some babies grow quicker than others and I didn't want a hand knit to be too small.
My Grandmother crocheted a gift for each of us / our babies so I wanted to knit something for this little one - like on my Grandmothers behalf.