Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Through the Looking Glass- Our perspective

I was just reading a fellow bloggers post (Down with OZ) about Down Syndrome and the reactions and stares from others.I had to smile. I pray no one has seen us when we forget our manners.... when I see a child with Down Syndrome I wonder "do I say something?" "Do they want to be left alone?" You know the thoughts... I just nod and smile and see where it leads. Many times I think I must be thought of as "a little off" . Some lady held her child tighter after I told her how beautiful her son was...... huh......I know, these days you never know. But really? Really?

So back to my story. I read this blog and just had to share. Husband was in "big box store" (they can pay for their advertising..... no freebies here!!!!) He happened to run into Married daughter. They were chatting it up and a mother and her 18 year old daughter happened by. Husband does a double take. "Hey, she has Down Syndrome!" (or something of the sort) He is so excited, beaming from ear to ear. So, if you are a parent or family member of someone that just happens to have an extra chromosome. Just know that we dont mean to offend you. We just get so excited that we forget our manners. Really.... we have waited over a year now to bring a special little person into our family. We mean no harm..........

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


So I am posting a picture of the double rianbow I got to drive under on the way home Monday afternoon. It was so briliant as I came across the I-110 bridge I just kept laughing and telling God how awesome Magnificient and Grand He was..... I dont know..... do you think God likes hearing compliments on his artwork like I do? Well I told him anyhow..... "Man You really outdid yourself this time.... " I dont know if I have Ever seen such a vinbrant double FULL rainbow before.....I pulled over and got cell pics but weve been having trouble getting pics off the phone. Thankfully I found this pic of it on our local news website. It doesnt do it justice but I tell you........ I cant wait to meet Him! Plus the Revelation song was playing!!!!

Been having ups and downs with the adoption but that isnt slowing me down. God is still God. I am right where I am supposed to be and rest in that. Today should be "the day" the Childrens Council meets for our approval. But last week we got the call from our agency telling us that they were meeting the next day, we'd get approval and start with the next things on our list. So I called everyone and started preparations in full steam ahead mode. Was a little too quick so it was a huge blow to get the call that the Council in fact Did not meet and would meet a week later. I lost it. It wasnt pretty. So after a thorough exam at the Dr. I am moving forward.
We tried not to let it drag us down but after several nights of no sleep because of the excitement then the sadness we just werent up to celebrating much over the weekend. Yes it was our 22nd Anniversary on the 12th. I love him more now than I did then and am glad that He is the one I get to grow old with.

Our Immigrations paperwork was sent in last week and that takes 10 days to process at the Lockbox facility and then is sent on to the next office. I am not sure how long it takes there but I called and they think maybe first part of next week they will have our paperwork to start on it. Sigh.......

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September first

Well we are home again after a little trip to Tampa and then Orlando. P had meetings with DJJ there and we left E with his grandparents. The Hotel was FAB! There was an Emeril restaraunt downstairs and we splurged on dinner the last night. The food was great! We took the river taxi over to City Walk and got frozen yogurt for dessert and enjoyed just being together.

While I was done I knit several small things and started a little Shrug.

P met up with some Gym buddies in Bradenton and My sister in Law and mother in law rode with us so we could go by " A Yarn Outlet" in Oneco. I was sad to find out they had more fabric than yarn. the selection was INCREDIBLE and I couldnt resist a few fat quarters, some size 2 double pointed needles and two skeins of yarn. We had taken the Jetta in to have the transmission worked on Again so I was nervous to spend more money. Needless to say it wasnt pretty, after 4 years of being a proud VW owner the novelty is wearing off.

E is starting guitar lessons to hone his skills on the Bass for youth band and we are starting 10th grade. This will be my fourth time so maybe I will learn something this go around. He is a willing and eager student so I look forward to the time we will share getting him ready for PJC.