Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September first

Well we are home again after a little trip to Tampa and then Orlando. P had meetings with DJJ there and we left E with his grandparents. The Hotel was FAB! There was an Emeril restaraunt downstairs and we splurged on dinner the last night. The food was great! We took the river taxi over to City Walk and got frozen yogurt for dessert and enjoyed just being together.

While I was done I knit several small things and started a little Shrug.

P met up with some Gym buddies in Bradenton and My sister in Law and mother in law rode with us so we could go by " A Yarn Outlet" in Oneco. I was sad to find out they had more fabric than yarn. the selection was INCREDIBLE and I couldnt resist a few fat quarters, some size 2 double pointed needles and two skeins of yarn. We had taken the Jetta in to have the transmission worked on Again so I was nervous to spend more money. Needless to say it wasnt pretty, after 4 years of being a proud VW owner the novelty is wearing off.

E is starting guitar lessons to hone his skills on the Bass for youth band and we are starting 10th grade. This will be my fourth time so maybe I will learn something this go around. He is a willing and eager student so I look forward to the time we will share getting him ready for PJC.

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