Monday, August 17, 2009


Hey! When did a new month get here?!

Probably while I was still celebrating my birthday and forgetting that each new day was a tick on the calendar. So a week later and I had gained weight (too much eating out and desserts!) but my birthday was throughly celebrated and off we go to Ga for a trip to my parents. On the way there we ate Dinner at the first Chick-fil-A outside Atlanta. I had heard of it , being chick fil a fans but this wastotally by accident. I was excited as I had it on my "places to visit" list. Had a short little jaunt to Dahlonega and enjoyed the Hummingbirds, the Falls- went up for a walk on Sat. Church service on Sunday was just wonderful. They sing the old Hymns and are traditional. Whereas we are contemporary....... each has its pluses. I loved singing songs that I hadnt sang in like, ten years! ( I have to call Mom and see how service was yesterday. They were having service up at the falls! How great is that!)

We came home to finish off youth week at our church. Went to Mobile, Al and did some community service. Then they had a party in the evening. Friday they built a wheelchair ramp and then Sat several went to someones house instead of out to the beach. I guess E isnt a beach person.

While in Ga We put up green beans and peaches- since the corn wasnt ready they sent us home with corn they had put up, some peas and okra. Yummm...... But I gained even more weight! I sure hope all this housework waiting on me will help me get the extra lbs I found off!!!!!! Plus I am not like my mother. We dont have dessert every evening!

So, adoption update. Jaci sent new pictures and updates while she was in Ecuador. First off our adoption is NOT dependant on her getting her new accreditation approved. That is very good. At this rate there is no telling how long it will take them. She said the hold up was that the council was deciding the details on the home visits we are required to have post placement. That was completed at that meeting we were waiting on so she hoped things would move real fast. She was going to work on getting the I-800 done. We should hear about our grant with Show Hope the end of the month.

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