Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Through the Looking Glass- Our perspective

I was just reading a fellow bloggers post (Down with OZ) about Down Syndrome and the reactions and stares from others.I had to smile. I pray no one has seen us when we forget our manners.... when I see a child with Down Syndrome I wonder "do I say something?" "Do they want to be left alone?" You know the thoughts... I just nod and smile and see where it leads. Many times I think I must be thought of as "a little off" . Some lady held her child tighter after I told her how beautiful her son was...... huh......I know, these days you never know. But really? Really?

So back to my story. I read this blog and just had to share. Husband was in "big box store" (they can pay for their advertising..... no freebies here!!!!) He happened to run into Married daughter. They were chatting it up and a mother and her 18 year old daughter happened by. Husband does a double take. "Hey, she has Down Syndrome!" (or something of the sort) He is so excited, beaming from ear to ear. So, if you are a parent or family member of someone that just happens to have an extra chromosome. Just know that we dont mean to offend you. We just get so excited that we forget our manners. Really.... we have waited over a year now to bring a special little person into our family. We mean no harm..........


  1. Love it! We often discuss the "do we want to be approached" question on my online Ds support group. Just so you know, most of us DO! :) Please, step right up and tell us how adorable our child is and then throw in your plans to join our club! We would be blessed to hear about it.

  2. Yesterday I was walking through my local supermarket and I walked past an adorable little girl who had DS
    in a wheelchair, anyway I was so happy to see her (as I always am when i see anyone with DS) that I smiled broadly as I walked past and she beamed the most beautiful smile and reached out and took my hand! I can honestly say that it made my day, my month in fact, such a small gesture just filled me with joy :)

  3. Today I was in a store and my daughter (11, Ds) said, "Mom! Look at the baby!" So I did. Sure enough, he had Down syndrome. I knew the mom hadn't seen Hannah yet, so I said loud enough for the mom to hear, "I think you two have something in common." The mom looked over at Hannah and said, "I think so too!". We had a lovely conversation and the little 14 month old boy blew us kisses as we went on our way.


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