Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I deleted my first blog today.

Today is the day.
I had imported my old blog over a year ago,
I was just waiting on the right time to click delete.
Such a sentimental girl........

If you start getting updates in your reader from old posts,
Well, I'm pretty sure you will......
I am trying to clean house.
Please forgive me.

If this doesn't free up storage space I will either quit blogging altogether
Or move to another server.
If you've experienced this,
Or have any advice Id love to hear a comment from you!
Off to get some knitting done!


  1. Okay, that's too funny! Just this morning I was trying to save another blog of a friend of mine in my feed of blogs I follow, and it said I was following too many and that I needed to delete some before it would let me follow hers. So I remembered that you had left your old blog, and I "unfollowed" it. What a coincidence!! Glad you deleted it, now I won't worry that you've gone back to it and I've missed something. :-)

    1. Becca, so glad it worked out this way.
      Perfect timing!


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