Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What a great Christmas vacation!

So, without further ado,
Photos from our trip to Ks
We braved the ominous Weather Channel forecast 
And left Saturday the 20th and enjoyed a week of winter wonderland.
It was beyond words.
Of course we ended up sick.
And feel behind the 8 ball now that New Years is past and life back to normal is on the agenda.
But hey, we made some incredible memories.

                                   ( this is what the Florida girl saw when we arrived! )


                                                   My husband and I 

                                   Little G, her big sister, and her sisters boyfriend.

                              A Christmas Eve battle - soldiers from the Nutcracker tree.

                                                     Ice skating
                                                And snowball fights!

          I pray you and yours found plenty of moments to pause and savor the little things,
                    I am finding the ones that seemed little are quite big in hindsight. 



  1. So great that you had a week of snow-filled fun!!! Uh, one side of that snowball fight doesn't look quite fair...
    Glad G had a good time, and glad you were all able to travel safely. Was that the first time she'd seen snow?
    Must get my Christmas vaca. post up one of these days...

    1. Hey Becca! Yes Brothers can be that way........ Fair doesn't enter the equation. I will add that since he is from FL he wasn't as adept at forming snowballs so his disintegrated mid- air. This was the first time she has seen snow given she was born in Ecuador and now resides in Fl. Eric and I have seen snow before but it was much different in the N Ga mountains. Very wet and wasn't much accumulation. This was light fluffy and about 8 inches. I miss it horribly.........


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