Thursday, January 9, 2014

Reading and Down Syndrome

Dr. Seuss. “The more that you read, the more things you will know. 
The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.”

Now that I am on top of all my book reviews,
Whew! That was crazy.......
Id like to update you where we are 
and a bit about the process.

We have still been working hard on reading. 
For so long it felt like we were never going to actually be able to " read".
I've been using these flash cards purchased at the $ Tree for a single dollar per pack!
When I can I purchase two packages of each category-
This really helps when we want to play a matching game or I can add both words to our stack
Then when using the fast flash method I can go through the set twice easily. 

If you are new to teaching reading to little ones with Down Syndrome
This book was a great place to start.
It now comes with a CD so if you have an old version like I did 
You can purchase the CD separately.
It's really great to print off what you might need.
If you know where the CD is.......

I have found that adding five new words at a time works best for us.
Always using positive reinforcement, I never say "No". 
If she misses a word or pauses more than a few seconds,
 I just say the word and move on. 
When she knows those five words I add in new ones. 
I try to add words that don't resemble others visually at the same time. 
So maybe words that begin with a different letter? 
Not sure if this makes sense but she is learning how to read these visually 
and that is one of her weak areas, since she is legally blind, 
I want success as often as possible! 
She loves clapping and cheering when she is successful 
we want school / learning to stay fun, positive and upbeat.

We started using these sentence strips when we had a limited vocabulary
Reinforcing left to right tracking.
These were also purchased at $ Tree!
You can see there are other colors and currently I have left the pink and yellow for later.
I don't want her to see a yellow card and memorize what is on that strip.
Yes, she does that. 
Some of the word cards are light blue-
she will say the word without " reading it".
She knows its either "do" or " but" 

These were some of the first sentence strips

                                             This is what she read yesterday. 
                      ( I would love to add bold, large typing, and italics, and undlerine to that sentence)

Quickly, and with ease.
I think the most exciting part is that she did it verbally and with ASL.
Her speech has come so far!

 We also have this flip book and are working on phonics
In addition to sight words. She is doing phenomenal with this!
I've seen on pinterest an idea for making your own flip books using spiral bound 3x5 cards.


My next project is making some books without pictures using her words
I'm going to use these books I bought for $1 at T@rget!

Reading is possible!
She is 8 years old 
But when you take into consideration that at 4.5 years of age she was on an airplane
No spoken language,
Only comprehended Spanish.........
Legally blind.......
Quite amazing if you ask me.
I'm quite humbled to think of all the tears I shed.

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  1. Anna,
    Please keep up with the updating! The pictures and your words are so helpful to those of us who will soon be teaching our non-verbal child the basics of literacy. I love your art too!


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