Wednesday, May 11, 2011

God is faithful

“You have recorded my troubles. You have kept a list of my tears. Aren’t they in your records?” ~Ps. 56:8

Even though we dont understand the hows and whys.....
We can know that God is present in the now.
I am so thankful that the things that bring the tears are important to him.
That He is mindful of me.
He sends me daily reminders of his love,
A special happy dance from my youngest.(upon driving into the parking lot of Chick fil A)
A pair of cardinals setting up housekeeping.
(fighting with the other bird in the rearview mirror)
I love you.
You are mine.
I hear.
I am present.

Those hard truths we learned during the adoption journey.
The truths of His Character,
its all so valuable now.

Please continue to lift our family in prayer.
Especially my oldest daughter.
I wish that I could kiss it and make it better.
I am so thankful that God is ever present.
He is real and He cares.
I am doing my best to keep my hands open,
giving it back to him so they are empty to receive the blessings He would have for me in this.

Under His wings,

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