Saturday, May 7, 2011

Chalk it up Pensacola!

Heres what little G and I were up to yesterday.
She and Mommy were creating.
I had such a great time showing her how to hold the brush and chalk and then just stepping away. I have had a hard time with micro managing her and "teaching" all the time. I realized that I was letting all the joy drain out of the bottle......
(I told you she still has a lot to teach me!)

I just LOVE this photo! "A new perspective always helps!"

I was able to get out and be artistic with my oldest daughter today. It was alot of fun. We went to "chalk it up Pensacola" and participated in a sidewalk chalk art competition to benefit Literacy in the community. You might know this by now, I am a book worm for sure! I was thrilled to be a part of something like this. We had a time limit and limited palette of colors. I am pleased with the results.We didnt place but not all rewards are tangible/ monetary. Dont you agree?!!

He even made sure little G had her contacts in and sunglasses on!
I pray all my children end up married to their best friend......

Enjoy time with your families dear friends!
Under His wings,


  1. Love that Chalk creation by your little one and yours :)

    Ooooo my kids teach me soo much. Sometimes I am better at learning than others....

  2. Love the pictures!!! Just makes me want to get Sister home soon!!!!


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