Saturday, May 7, 2011

Chalk it up

Heres what little G and I were up to yesterday.
She and Mommy were creating.
I had such a great time showing her how to hold the brush and chalk and then just stepping away. I have had a hard time with micro managing her and "teaching" all the time. I realized that I was letting all the joy drain out of the bottle......
(I told you she still has a lot to teach me!)

I just LOVE this photo! "A new perspective always helps!"

I was able to get out and be artistic with my oldest daughter today. It was alot of fun. We went to "chalk it up Pensacola" and participated in a sidewalk chalk art competition to benefit Literacy in the community. You might know this by now, I am a book worm for sure! I was thrilled to be a part of something like this. We had a time limit and limited palette of colors. I am pleased with the results.We didnt place but not all rewards are tangible/ monetary. Dont you agree?!!

He even made sure little G had her contacts in and sunglasses on!
I pray all my children end up married to their best friend......

Enjoy time with your families dear friends!
Under His wings,


  1. Very, very cool! Love the pics...made me smile. :)

  2. Looks like you all had a beautiful day. So glad you're doing this blog. Seems to close the distance, somehow. And I loved G's perspective. I think I'll have to try that. I tend to get one view and clamp down on it with all my might. With our upcoming changes I'll have to remember to give it a shake now and then :).


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