Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Geen Poo"

Here she is watching me fill it up with COLD water......

I have only 3 photos of her in the past year laughing like this.... she was really having fun!

This morning I asked little G if she wanted to play in her pool.
Her response,"Geen Poo" I about fell on the floor. Why yes its a Green pool in G-speak. I continue to be amazed. I can tell her 1001 times not to fake sneeze, say excuse me,dont stand on the couch, oh and her new one- she loves to shut doors so Im constantly telling her, open(she can now say it clear as a bell) open please, open. blah blah blah. But when I ask if she wants to play in her pool as plain as day she tells me that its a "geen poo" while signing green. I mean I know she "gets it" its just still shocking when she proves it!Enjoy the pics!

The next item of news. We got a phone call from her Dr and she is going to see a follow up Dr and get hearing aids. I am so thrilled for her. So thankful that God has blessed us with a Dr that hears my heart and knows Im not making mountains out of mole hills. I dont know much about hearing loss. I do know they said it was nerve damage and the hearing tests that were done when she was 3.5 were very thorough and didnt show these same results. I am glad that I didnt keep thinking all was well and it was all in my head since we had those records. Little G will be able to see her daddys Dr which thrills me. We have a relationship with his practice and they REALLY care. Each time Daddy goes in they ask about little G and if he has a new photo with him. God is so good.
if you could.....
say a little prayer, poor G is having to wear a pull up because we have a tummy flu at our house. Im praying she doesnt get it. So far so good.

Under His wings,

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  1. "Green poo" .. that is priceless and she is amazing.

    Feel better please and praying G misses it.


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