Thursday, June 2, 2011

Art is fun!

Yesterday little G woke up from her nap and snuggled maybe five mins. She promptly marched over to her easel and started coloring! I guess she woke up inspired. Papa and I thought it was pretty funny.

I need to start looking for a play kitchen and cookware. She has been dragging her kitchen stool to the stove to watch her reflection while she cooks. Waving her arms in the air and explaining each ingredient and step..... do you think we watch cooking network????

Our thermometer said 108 degrees yesterday but I think it ended up in the sun at some point. On the news they said it was up to 100. It was really hot. I wonder if little G is going to bring me her suit again today???? I might have to join her. ha ha!

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  1. Fun!!! Hmmmmm....wonder why she is soo artistic? Like mommy maybe?? :)


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