Monday, June 13, 2011

Dont forget

Dont forget Ive been posting mainly on my other blog. I have limited computer time and I feel its important to tell the story......

the weekend was full at our house. You can see here and here

Little G was given a little pink Bible with her name stamped on the cover.
She kept saying "oooooh. WOOOOOW."
Its beautiful.
Her dedication/baptism really was better than I had hoped for.
I knelt down next to her and was able to experience it how she saw it.
She wasnt really happy about having water on her beautiful hair do
but I was so glad she didnt screech "no" at the top of her lungs.
A dear friend let us borrow an heirloom hand smocked Silk dupioni dress that her daughter wore. Older sister made a beautiful bow..... she looked like a princess.
My aunt and uncle drove to celebrate with us. All the children and significant others were present and my friend and her husband stood with our family.

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  1. her baptism was indeed beautiful! such an honor, my friend -- such an incredibly sweet honor to stand as family. love you all so very much!


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