Friday, June 17, 2011

June 17th

We started off the day at school.
We talked about little Gs sensitivity issues. They showed us how they put lotion on her and rubbed her with various textured mitts to try and desensitize her.
They showed us simple games to play to teach her how to follow directions, allow her to make choices, develop her pincer skills.
Then in the evening we went to see the older part of the town.
It was great fun for, Sandra, Silvia, Andrea, Paul, little G and I.......
Im pretty sure this was the day that E went out with our room mate. She was part of world teach and took the teachers that had just arrived out for a tour of the town. he had a great time with the college students.

Ive been promising you photos of VBS this week.
I remembered the camera.
Can you believe the battery died mid way through.
So no photos of her IN the bouncy castle.
I was shocked. She went in and had a blast. (I did request an over ride on the rules. no teens allowed- so they wouldnt hurt the Children. Our group helper went in with her. THEN once the other 6 jumpers got out I asked if she could just had a min or two to jump alone since She wasnt able to stand the time they were in. She had a BLAST Once she got out kept signing "Fun! Jump! Fun! Jump!"
Of course she danced round and round the rest of the time.....
it was set up in the old sanctuary with great praise music playing.
I saw an adult taking photos of her and wiping tears from his eyes.
I just dont have words to express how thankful I am for the community of believers I love so dearly.
I knew they would be a perfect fit for us as we walked this journey together and Im so thankful they arent letting me down.
A few people even know of our latest struggles
and have been so so kind.
Its very humbling.

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