Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June 27-28th, 2010

A beautiful church near shopping.

Photo at restaraunt

Grace playing tea party.

A year ago today, and yesterday.
Looks like we were just going to school.
And we went out to dinner with our roomie.
We met her in Gringolandia.
Yup they really call it that.
We wanted American style foods.
It wasnt bad, hamburger and fries.....
I bought a few handwoven baskets. You can see the ones in the photos I took at the market a larger version, the ones I WANTED, yet didnt know how on earth I could bring them home. (when I knew flying home with Eric and little G, all our luggage, and immigrations paperwork..... and no papa would be an adventure.) I bought the small ones! Gave one to daughter and kept one for self. I would still LOVE to have one of those big ones like from the market.......

(If youd like to see some recent photos, heres my link on my other blog.)

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