Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Vacation Bible School!

"Its 2pm and Ive had more fun in the first four hours of my day than I typically get all week!" These are my words by the way!
I am sure my neighbor was wondering what was going on to see me puling out of the driveway before 7 this morning. My son and daughter convinced me that little G needed to attend VBS. The only way that I would let her go is if I joined in. Im trying hard not to be one of those parents. I feel like I have a right tho'. You cannot understand what she is trying to say, people dont understand that when she is in a group of little ones she is pushing because she doesnt want anyone in her space. Not to be ugly, but whey you have vision problems you can end up hurt if someone else gets in your space at the wrong time.Or when they were talking about the bible verse, asking questions about how we can see God love in our friends. G signed nice and share. Hey little G just said that when our friends are nice and when we share we show others Gods love!!! Right now, until others learn sign language, or her verbal skills become more refined, one of us needs to be with her to facilitate things. One little boy yelled at her because she blew bubble soap at him. Well...... not really. She cant control her movements enough to do something like that ON PURPOSE. Um sorry she just touched your hair, we are trying to teach her not to do that.BUT, One little girl shared her baby doll. And another little boy, oh my gosh. He looked to be seven- ish. She reached out and grabbed his hand to walk into church.(she is pretty fast sometimes....) He asked her name and I answered for her.(he told me she had a special name, especially if you go to church.) The rest of the day we crossed paths with him numerous times and he pointedly said, "Hi G" I am in love.....
So, I am faced with a small dilemma,
do i move her down into the 4 year old class?
She is at least a head shorter than the 5 year olds and light years behind them developmentally. Oldest daughter is a Special Ed teacher-to-be and she feels like little G needs to be with her peers. This is what it needs to look like for her, and for them. Little G is oblivious. But she is so delayed I think even being in the 4 year old class will be a stretch. What would you do????

The most awesome thing is; the theme song "Oh oh oh oh, Oh oh oh oh..... Jump jump jumpin in...... She can say "Oh and say/sign jump."

Many of the adults/ teens were thrilled to see her there and one person even commented on what a blessing, to have prayed for her through the whole process of the adoption and now be blessed to see her here at VBS. sniff sniff.

I bought her a shirt to wear tomorrow.
The smallest size they had looks like it will fit her when she is an adult!
ha ha! Just kidding.... it is huge tho.
I am going to try to take it in somehow.
I just wanted her to not look so different.
A little more like everyone else.
Im off to take a nap.


  1. g is around to remind us all of God's diversity -- she looks just like she is supposed to and her reactions and responses to the world around her are as it should be. we all have so much to learn from her! so tickled she enjoyed her day!

  2. Sounds like a great time despite the small difficulties. About which class I would put her in, I personally, wouldn't think it would hurt to put her in the 4 year old class - she's not going to care, and perhaps she would fit in better and enjoy it more... but whatever feels best to you as the parent. :)

    (I found your blog through Smiles and Trials.)


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